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  1. I’ll try that here in a few. one question I have is for some reason the HDMI port on the back of the laptop doesn’t work, and neither does the HDMI port on my del docking station when I plug the dock in. How can I enable the HDMI port (at least on the laptop) to work? Thanks so much
  2. Jake, I got it to work! I used the entire config and all files from the repo you sent me and the touchpad works flawlessly (with gestures and all!). Thanks for the help!
  3. So trying the files from that GitHub repo, it doesn't seem to be working still. I then installed the Refined ALPS TouchPad driver from this site, and it seems to be working the same as the I2C driver is. I don't necessarily need the whole gesture options or anything like that, but is it possible to get this going as just a normal touchpad that behaves like a mouse? Also, is it possible to buy a different touchpad for this and swap it out that would work like normal? Thanks again
  4. Okay, good info. For some reason though with the I2C kexts the gestures and all work, but again it is glitchy. Is it possible to make an Alps work with gestures since they were slightly working? Or would the kext need to be modified? Also, which kext should i use for alps?
  5. Okay, that is fine. How can i tell whether or not my touchpad is an alps? Is there a way inside macOS to test it?
  6. After trying the older version in clover/kexts/other and in L/E it doesn't seem to be working for me, not recognizing the touchpad in settings or anything, but I remember the latest version worked (just with the glitching issues). Did I do something wrong when installing the kext? Here is my latest debug dump after installing the version you sent me into L/E and rebuilding cache. debug_32090.zip
  7. So is the issue with the voodoo ps2 kext you think? or the voodooi2c kext?
  8. How should i resolve the issue then? Am i using an incorrect version of the voodoo kexts?
  9. Hi! Any ideas? Ive messed around with the Info.plist but dont think i am modifying the righjt parameters.
  10. Yeah, I'm checking through the info.plist now. I see a couple of things it could be but I'm not sure which one to change. I've asked on their Gitter chat so hoping to get a response soon. Here's specifically the preferences I see (attached the info.plist file from the main VoodooI2C.kext) Info.plist.zip
  11. Okay, sweet. The trackpad works now but it is almost unusable for some reason. It seems to not really like to take input and be all that responsive, whereas an external mouse has no lag and seems fine. Is there some setting somewhere I need to change to allow it to be more responsive? Thanks so much Edit: the trackpad buttons don't work either. This isn't a huge issue, and I assume its related to the fact that the actual trackpad on a MacBook doesn't have buttons
  12. Jake, I followed what you said and it is not working, I think I need to try to reboot a few more times. The newest IOreg dump is attached. debug_21494.zip
  13. Jake, Here is my debug files dumped. Any insight you can continue to provide would be awesome. So far it seems all that isn't working is the trackpad and trackpad buttons. I haven't tried out the dock and video ports but will soon. Also, what ethernet cards do you recommend I can swap into this one for working wifi and bluetooth? Thanks again debug_15284.zip
  14. Jake, This worked!! I just added the .aml file you suggested and it seems to have worked. All is working well, but my trackpad is not (the keyboard and backlight on the keys work though). Is there a specific kext I should use for the trackpad? Thanks so so much again. Ill let you know if I run into any other issues with it. Hoping to swap out the wifi card for working wifi an bluetooth.
  15. Hi! Any ideas? Im at a loss when messing around with the config and i am not that experienced when it comes to acpi patching. Thanks so much
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