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  1. nah that sound like a lot of a headache. I'll just get an external storage and install mac on tha sucks but whatever. Thanks for ur help man
  2. That’s where I’m stuck. any idea? Tried everything i could think. even bricked windows for a bit.
  3. blessed respect man ill give u feedback when ill do what u said
  4. Hey guys i'm trying to hackintosh into my latitude but i haven't yet found a perfect guide. I'm never tried it before so bear with me. im tryin to install catalina. I put it on my usb and installed clover and tried putting some extra kexts and have had different errors. and i'm pretty sure it's the way that i installed clover and i probably need to change some plist and patch some things. but i dont really know. latitude e5540 i5-4200 16gb ram thanks for ur help
  5. Yo Jake, cuz u seem to be the goat here. do u have any complete guide to hackintosh catalina on a e5540 been trying but i only can get the configs for mojave and of course they differ. any help would be appreciated! thanks!
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