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  1. I have installed Clover boot ver. 5109 and now when I want to upgrade him to last ver. 5136 I get error (attached picture) and I can't anymore run Catalina. I attach config.plist for clover ver. 5109 where is all OK and for 5136 for what I get error.. So I will be grateful if someone can modify and repair this ponfig.plist for new ver. 5136... thx.. 5109.zip 5136.zip
  2. I have the same problem with hdmi.. Please can you fix it for me.. Here is my config.plist and ioreg files.. thx... Archive.zip
  3. After a month and a half of testing and disk changing, I bought a new Samsung SSD 500gb (evo 860) and installed everything from scratch (now catalina 10.15.3), and now I can write and say that Catalina works perfectly and no longer restarts. . So I can definitely tell you that DON'T BUY an SSD Crucial MX500 because it's incompatible with both osx and Dell laptops (in my case, the E5550) ... And another thing is that I bought wifi DW1560 card to replace the Intel card that was inside...
  4. Here is details of my bios, and attached clover.. Bios version A20 General . Boot Sequence: * Boot List Option = UEFI . Adanced Boot Options: * Enable Legacy Option ROMs = Enabled System Configuration . Integrated NIC = Enabled w/PXE . Parallel Port = Disabled . Serial Port = Disabled . SATA Operation = AHCI . Drives: * SATA-0/1/2/3 = On . SMART Reporting: * Enable SMART Reporting = On . USB Configuration: * Enable USB Boot Support = On * Enable USB3.0 Controller = On * Enable External USB Port = On . USB PowerShare: * Enable USB PowerShare = On . Audio: * Enable Audio = On . Keyboard Illumination: * Bright = On . Keyboard Backlight with AC: * Keyboard Backlight with AC = On . Unobtrusive Mode: * Enable Unobtrusive Mode = on . Miscellaneous Devices: * Enable Microphone = On * Enable Camera = On * Enable Media Card = On * Enable Hard drive free fail protection = On Video . LCD Brightness on battery = 100% . LCD Brightness on AC = 100% Security . Admin Password = not set . System Password = not set . Strong Password = Off . Password Configuration = default settings . Password Bypass = Disabled . Password Change: Allow Non-admin Password Changes = on . Non-Admin Setup Changes = Off . TPM Security = Off . Computrace(R) = Deactivate . CPU XD Support = On . OROM Keyboard Access = Enable . Admin Setup Lockout = Off . Master Password Lockout = Off Secure Boot . Secure Boot Enable = Disabled . Expert Key Management: * Enable Custom Mode = Off * Custom Mode Key Management = PK Performance . Multi Core Support = On . Intel SpeedStep = Enabled . C-States control = On . Intel TurboBoost = Enabled . HyperThread Control = Enabled Power Management . AC Behavior: * Wake on AC = Off . Auto On Time = Disabled . USB Wake Support: * Enable USB Wake Support = On or Off . Wireless Radio Control: * Control WLAN radio = Off * Control WWAN radio = Off . Wake on LAN/WLAN = lan or wlan . Block Sleep = Off . Peak Shift = Off . Dock Support on Battery = Off . Advanced Battery Charge Configuration = Off . Primary Battery Charge Configuration = Adaptative * Custom charge start - 50 * Custom charge stop - 90 . Intel(R) Smart Connect Technology = Off POST Behavior . Adapter Warnings = Enabled . Mouse/Touchpad = Touchpad/PS-2 Mouse . Numlock Enable = Enabled . Fn Key Emulation = Enabled . Fn Lock Options: * Fn Lock = On * Lock Mode Disable/Standard = On . MEBx Hotkey = Enabled . Fast Boot = Minimal . Extend BIOS POST Time = 0 seconds Virtualization Support . Virtualization = Enabled . VT for Direct I/O = Enabled . Trusted Execution = Off Wireless . Wireless Switch: * WWAN = On * WLAN/WiGig = On * GPS (on WWAN Module) = On * Bluetooth = On . Wireless Device Enable: * WWAN/GPS = On * WLAN/WiGig = On * Bluetooth = On CLOVER.zip
  5. So now I created a disk clone with carbon copy cloner (from hynix msata to Crucial MX500) and then it was all same, nothing changed, after 10 minutes laptop restarted, so then I pull disk out form laptop (Crucial MX500) and connect it over usb and boot on that way and now is OK, and laptop dont restart and everything is fine ... I dont know anymore, what can it be ...
  6. For the past week I have installed catalina on 2 other disks (hitachi 60 gb and hynix msata 128 gb). And on them, the catalina doesn't restart when the laptop is on battery and everything is excellent , so I reinstalled catalina on 1TB SSD Crucial MX500 and it's the same thing again (it restarts after a while when the laptop is on battery). So something is wrong with the disk installation, so now I'm interested in how to fix it? thx ..
  7. I have Dell E5550 and installed dual boot Catalina 10.15.1 and Windows 10 (what can you see on other tropic(s) here).. Now I have problem with battery and restarting in Catalina. When is power cable plug-in everything is fine, but when is running on battery then its just restarts (sometimes after 2 minutes, sometines after 5 minutes, sometimes after 8 minutes, etc (you can't know the time when will it restarts))... When is windows running everything is ok (on battery and on power plug-in cable) So I would be grateful if can someone help me and fix that with battery..
  8. That was I need to make when I installing Catalina on my E5550, so I think that and you need to do that for boot from usb...
  9. I change boot timeout to 20 in Config and now its finally working.. Thank you very much, I am grateful you..
  10. I tried that, and then normal boot to os x, still nothing...
  11. I tried everything, and now at end i figured that something is wrong with my config.plist in EFI/CLOVER folder, and that is why I cannot get options for dual boot. So I will be grateful if someone can check what is wrong and tell me how can I fix it .. thx.. here is my config.plist config.plist.rar
  12. Then Catalina boot normally, still nothing ... Here is my EFI folder, if you can check what's wrong and why it won't show startup options I'll be grateful.. It has 39 mb, so I'm uploading it to my google drive ... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WeASvFnByqeW0X-ChPGFFZK0qGFdH6L5/view?usp=sharing
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