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  1. Thanks @Jake Lo, that worked perfect. Much appreciated!
  2. Hi all, I have everything set up and working great on my E5550 using @Jake Lo's E7450 OC 0.6.2 config, however the only issue is that when connected to an external HDMI TV, the TV audio does not show up under System Prefs > Sound > Output. This is the same issue I was having before when using Clover, and Jake was able to give me a new config which fixed the issue (I'll attach it as config.plist.zip). Let me know if there needs to be something transferred over to this new config or if there's something necessary for OC that wasn't necessary for Clover. I'll also attach my current OC config as currentconfig.plist.zip. Thanks, snarkjazzo config.plist.zip currentconfig.plist.zip
  3. @Jake Lo Thanks man, that worked perfectly. Appreciate it!
  4. Here it is, I attached the HDMI and saved this from IOReg.mbp-ioregexplorer.ioreg
  5. Hi everybody, I just realized that on my E5550 with Catalina, HDMI video output works perfectly but no HDMI audio option shows up in System Prefs > Sound > Output. I attached my clover folder, what could be causing this? CLOVER.zip Thanks, snarkjazzo
  6. Hi everybody, I have an issue since upgrading to Catalina on my E5550. After 20-30 minutes of using the laptop, mDNSResponder's CPU usage goes up to 90-100% of CPU utilization and programs start crashing until I kill the process and it goes back to 1%. I tried to disable Bonjour advertisement using this: https://derflounder.wordpress.com/2016/08/22/disabling-bonjour-advertisement-on-os-x-el-capitan-and-later/ but this did not have any effect. I also clean installed 10.15.1 and this also did not help. I was wondering if anyone else was having this issue/if there are any potential fixes. Thanks, snarkjazzo
  7. Thanks @Hervé, when the laptop shut down I just had to manually Command+R on startup and select "Install macOS from..." twice, then it updated successfully.
  8. Hi guys, I have an issue where I try to upgrade from 10.15 to 10.15.1 on my E5550 using the normal software updater (I also tried manual download from Apple's website). However, when the installation starts, the bar goes for a little bit and then I'm assuming kernel panics and the computer restarts. The "Installing update, time remaining" text never appears, and then boots back into 10.15. I updated all of my kexts as well as Clover, but that did not help the issue. I attached my clover folder for reference. What is a potential course of action for fixing this issue? CLOVER.zip Thanks, Snarkjazzo
  9. @Jake Lo Thanks for the help! It's working now. I attached my final Clover folder for anyone else who has an E5550 looking to install Catalina. CLOVER.zip
  10. Hi @Hervé, I'm not sure if I see that article on the main page but I did update my clover as well as all my Kexts. Do you think this CLOVER folder will be good if I upgrade to Catalina?CLOVER.zip
  11. Hi, I tried installing Catalina and it gave me a kernel panic when I tried to boot from the USB installer. Here is my current CLOVER folder, let me know what I need to do to make it boot. CLOVER.zip
  12. Did you end up fixing this issue? I have the same problem on my Latitude E5550.
  13. Thanks for your help. Do you think a DW1820A would work as well? I'm considering it as it's a bit cheaper and I see it's supported by Mojave.
  14. I don't imagine it's an issue with the slot as the original card is recognized by DPCIManager perfectly fine. Is there any way to repair a damaged connector or should I try to return the card and get a different one?
  15. Hi all, I'm a bit new to this Hackintosh thing and I was wondering if anyone's experienced a similar situation to mine. I just bought a DW1560 to replace my Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 (7265NGW) and I'm having an interesting issue with macOS recognizing it in DPCIManager. When I first put the card in to the M.2 slot, i.e. it is at a 45 degree angle, the card is recognized by the laptop when I boot it up. But when I screw it in to the flat position, it's not recognized anymore. Is it possibly that I bought a faulty card or is the form factor wrong? Sorry if this is a noob question but I'm losing my mind here. Thanks, John
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