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[SOLVED] E5550: Big Sur OC - HDMI Audio not working


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Hi all,


I have everything set up and working great on my E5550 using @Jake Lo's E7450 OC 0.6.2 config, however the only issue is that when connected to an external HDMI TV, the TV audio does not show up under System Prefs > Sound > Output. This is the same issue I was having before when using Clover, and Jake was able to give me a new config which fixed the issue (I'll attach it as config.plist.zip). Let me know if there needs to be something transferred over to this new config or if there's something necessary for OC that wasn't necessary for Clover. I'll also attach my current OC config as currentconfig.plist.zip.




config.plist.zip currentconfig.plist.zip

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