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Latitude E5550 working with Big Sur and Open core


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I have Open core 0.6.3 loaded and Big Sur working (thanks for the tip Jake)

I can't figure out why ALC255 won't load

I can get audio with VoodooHda but can't get audio with every layout ID I tried.

This is a test machine, trying to get it working before I upgrade my main machine from clover and Catalina to Big Sur with open core.


11.25.2020 Updated

(thank you Jake)
Sound working
Bluetooth working
Facetime working
App Store working


Wake from sleep goes to black screen, don't know how to turn off sleep in Big S

Can't replace Efi so I attached pictures instead
and my config.plist


E5550 OC 0.6.3 EFI.zip E5550 plist OC 0.6.3.zip

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Thank you @Jake Lo, I had patched my DSDT but I still replaced it with yours and added the patch, now I have audio.
I'm going to move my serial numbers over and upgrade my main laptop to Big Sur and then post my EFI for others to use.
it will contain the DW1560 wifi card

Intel works with heliport




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