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Found 5 results

  1. I have Open core 0.6.3 loaded and Big Sur working (thanks for the tip Jake) I can't figure out why ALC255 won't load I can get audio with VoodooHda but can't get audio with every layout ID I tried. This is a test machine, trying to get it working before I upgrade my main machine from clover and Catalina to Big Sur with open core. 11.25.2020 Updated (thank you Jake) Sound working Bluetooth working Facetime working App Store working Wake from sleep goes to black screen, don't know how to turn off sleep in Big S Can't replace Efi so I a
  2. Hi. I recently install macOS Mojave 10.14.3 on my Dell Latitude E5550. Everything is working, I followed the guide and the post install. The only thing that bugs me is that the media buttons don't do anything. Is there anyway to enable them at all? Thanks! I also left a picture of the keyboard. I highlighted the keys just in case of confusion.
  3. Hi. I new here. I followed Jake Lo's guide on installing OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 on E5550, but no success. I repeated and followed every step but it always failed to load. (Stuck at loading) I searched about this issue but couldn't find anything that would be of any help. I booted with -v in boot args and saw Mac OS version: Not yet set. I had to delete the files in EFI/Clover/ACPI/patched to make it run, but audio, bluetooth, web cam, card reader, & wifi (intel) don't work. I attached a picture that shows the booting process with -v a
  4. I was finally able to get Sierra running on my E5550, but some problems remain. Working: Graphics, battery indicator, Ethernet Not working: Audio, Bluetooth, Camera, Card reader I followed Jake Lo's guide, but wasn't able to get up and running that way. I had to hack my way through every step it seems. I used EFI_4200.zip and the E5550_A15_Disable_GT820M.zip bootpack. I've copied kext files to Clover and to LE, ran the chmod/chown and cache rebuild. I copied the config.plist from the bootpack download section-by-section into my working file. I finally tracked down the item that seems
  5. Guest

    Dell Latitude E5550 with OSX?

    Hi! First of all, I am new here. I searched with Google and with the forum's search engine for E5550 with any OSX topic, but I found nothing. It's quite disappointing. Is anyone here who tried to install OSX on E5550? My notebooks specs are on the attachment. I hope somebody can help me. I'm familiar with Linux, so Terminal and another CLI based tools or methods are good for me. I have basic knowledge for Clover and for the installation method, earlier I installed Yosemite for Desktop PC with success (except audio). One more thing: I am using a second (external monitor) on VGA port, and an
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