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  1. @TheMinester the EFI folder on the first page will work, just update clover also get the latest version of Lilu and Whatevergreen I can't upload the latest version because I'm limited to a 2.4mb upload for some reason. also I'm now using a discrete graphics card so my config plist would be different from yours I went with an AMD WX4100
  2. yes, installed kext, power off and power back on no audio this one works just fine, just the bugs I noticed above that I can live with
  3. no audio with latest ALC, reverted back to previous working headphone Speaker Internal speaker have not tested mic, not required debug link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Amlp3KSkKHOEgagxUl8nzCt5m744uw
  4. not complaining but I found a bug I plugged speakers into the rear out and the front/headphone port and they both play at the same time, no way to choose one or the other. just an FYI I'll just mute the TV when using the headphone port. also noticed if I power on the PC with both front and rear ports plugged into speakers, I lose audio and only the internal speaker works not a big deal, just mentioning quirks for other users Thanks again!!!!! debug files in case you wanted them: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Amlp3KSkKHOEgagrNBUahopUS97Zsg
  5. Audio is working now!!!!! Thank you so much Something interesting I found out, after loading kext, I can't restart the pc you have to shutdown and then power back on
  6. I've tried all of these layouts with the same results
  7. with 14 I did not get audio when using the apple alc you provided I then reverted back to my apple ALC and set to 13 I then provided the debug files to show you what was working I can set it back to 14 and provide debug if you like? keep in mind I'm getting audio with apple alc designed for laptops. post above that has your apple alc with layout 14 and no audio
  8. replaced apple ALC with previous working version set layout to 14, no audio set layout to 13, audio working as before debug files attached https://1drv.ms/u/s!Amlp3KSkKHOEgagnXQyr3Z-_gSPX7g
  9. replaced apple HDA with vanilla Apple HDA in S/L/E placed Apple ALC in L/E repair permissions restart no audio layout is set to 14, also tried 13 new debug files too large to upload here is a link https://1drv.ms/u/s!Amlp3KSkKHOEgagmbrCUu5QG0gD3Pg
  10. I add your apple HDA to S/L/E with a third party kext tool should I do it some other way? please advise
  11. apple ALC works but I only get sound from the front audio port (headphone port) and the internal speaker. the rear out is a combo jack, it's a single connection, so I think it works as a mic or speaker based on what's plugged in.
  12. @InsanelyDeepak no change new debug attached 11709.zip Thanks in advance for your efforts
  13. @InsanelyDeepak debug files attached Flexrac_debug.zip
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