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Dell Optiplex 5070 OpenCore Big Sur


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Dell Optiplex 5070
9th gen Core I7

8gigs ram
ALC255 with voodoo

Big Sur 

Radeon WX 4100 low profile 4gb

Opencore 0.6.3


I have some questions:

I have Big Sur installed with Open core

Sound is working with Voodoohda but only out of the back, if I plug headphones into the headphone jack, I can see something is connected but get no audio, not a big deal. I would like to get apple ALC working on this build but don't know what I'm doing wrong.

previous dell with similar audio (ALC255) only gave me audio from the front, please help if you have any suggestions


Also, although everything seems to be working and I am logged into my apple account

I am seeing some strange things

1: my computer is registered as an Optiplex instead of A Mac , you can find this under your Apple ID 

2: my serial number in about this Mac does not match that of my Plist, I think it's taking it from the dell bios, how can I fix this?


570315717_ScreenShot2020-11-13at12_28_13PM.png.5711430d84f0db22e56829bed8d9c875.png         1026380169_ScreenShot2020-11-13at12_28_42PM.png.2f59a3ddacb435594af5a8bec7565c04.png


Update: 11.14.2020, working OpenCore folder added, see below

Sound from the rear out working with proper levels (Thanks Jake)

Headphone jack in the front not working
I have dual monitors working for the radeon graphics

Never put my PC to sleep so sleep not tested
No HDMI device connected so HDMI audio not tested

Adobe photoshop and Lightroom working

Final Cut launching but have not edited anything yet
I need to find a good usb wifi adapter or a low profile internal setup


Optiplex 5070 OC 0.6.3.zip

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I now have audio with proper volume levels coming from the rear

the headphone jack in the front does not work

the only sound option I have is the line out from the rear

not complaining, just informing.
I am happy with this


Also, in the config Plist, I changed Layout-id /0B000000 / STRING    to Layout-id /0B000000 / DATA



Thank you, I will try to post my OC folder for anyone that needs it.


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