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  1. @Hervé I try to block it to see if it works. if disable there is no difference
  2. @Hervé here is my file OC.zip MacBook Pro.ioreg
  3. Hi, @Hervé. Thanks for your answer and sorry for my little information because I don't know how to present it. My english so bad. When i use catalina or windows, my SD card is still working properly. But i can't use it on Bigsur. Apple tells me that the drive you inserted cannot be read.
  4. hello. I have E6530 and using bigsur. all working well but when i insert the sdcard.I can't use it. Sorry, English is not my native language. SSDT-SDCard.aml.zip
  5. Hi Herve. Can you tell me how to upgrade Bigsur. Add no_compat_check in bootarg and update normaly or fresh install?
  6. Fixed. Here is my EFI E6530-A13-Clover EFI.zip
  7. I have e6530 i5 3230M+HD4000. I try use brightnesfix.zip by Jake Lo in old topic but FN+Up/down not working. I am currently using Fn+f3/insert to change brightness. Sorry English is not my native language brightnessFix.zip DSDT-E6530-A13.zip
  8. specs: - core I5-3230M 2.6Ghz - Intel HD4000 - intel 7 series - network intel - audio IDT 92HD93 Not working: - wifi/BT (need card replacement) - Sleep - Fn + Up/Down to change brightness - Vga port (not support) Working: - audio - powermanagement - brightness - usb 2.0/3.0 - wired network - trackpad (three fingers) - battery status Unknow - HDMI 1. CREATE USB INSTALLER Use my EFI folder & behind USB 2.0 port EFI-install E6530.zip 2. DSDT patcher Open MaciASL, in preference, add source: http://raw.github.c
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