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  1. hey i know this was solved but, I wanted to try to install Mojave on my 500gb hard drive to dual boot windows instead of ssd, but couldn't find the boot pack for Mojave e5470 at the link Is there somewhere else that the EFI/bootpack folder for Mojave is?
  2. Dude, you are an absolute Legend, it worked perfectly I can't thank you enough. On the Post-Install steps now THANKS.
  3. What I'm doing right now is: 1. Erasing USB with Disk utility using journaled and GUID partition map, a weird thing that happens, is that on the first attempt it fails, but then the second succeeds, not sure why 2. Using TINU to create install media for macOS Catalina that I got from the app store 3. Using Clover_v2.5k_r5058.pkg to install the EFI partition and the folder structure 4. I then replace the files with my EFI folder, and then replace those files with the new ones you've provided The Reason I suspect that the Virtual Machine may be the problem is because of
  4. Still same thing, i think it may be an issue with my VM. What is the best way to create a boot disk on windows only?
  5. no, i just replaced the files, Ill try redoing the whole thing
  6. Same thing, I read somewhere it may be a problem with USB 3.0?
  7. I usually select this when I boot, I also checked and under SATA operation AHCI is selected.
  8. Yeah I think so I don’t see ahci, but uefi is enabled I don’t have the USB stick in the computer that’s why no boot option shows up now.
  9. I don’t know where to enable achi/uefi but secureboot is disables so I think it works
  10. Just added the EFI not sure if you needed the whole thing but clover is inside of there
  11. I’m new to hackintosh(this is my first), and I don’t have a normal MacBook to use for the boot drive. I’ve tried Transmac, BootDiskUtility, I’ve tried various distros and olarila images (this was before I really knew they weren’t vanilla). I finally caved and made a VMware virtual machine, and used TINU to make an install drive for Catalina, and automatically installed the clover EFI folder (using the option in TINU), and the USB boot drive still doesn’t show any boot options, it just has the small icons below to edit the configuration. I’m using the EFI folder that I’ve found from this video,
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