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  1. Just posting my working EFI folders for my Toshiba Satellite C875-S7304 laptop. (Thanks again to Jake Lo for the help.) Just switched from Clover to Opencore and so far so good. (Both Clover and OC attached.) Hope they can save someone else some time! Clover.zip OC.zip
  2. And there was sound!. So what did you do? Thanks again for the help much appreciated.
  3. Thanks, tried setting count to 0. Did not notice any difference. Attached is the latest i have been trying. OPENCORE.zip
  4. 6 seems to work better in clover, i was having issues with my microphone using 7. I have added SSDT-XOSI. In clover, using hackintool i can see two sound devices (Realtek ALC269, and Intel HD4000 HDMI). With OC, so far i have never seen any devices show up under the sound tab.
  5. Still no luck, im sure I'm messing something up. I have tried to look at as many examples as i could find, and have been going through the opencore/laptop guide. I don't even see any audio devices listed in hackintool. Any obvious issues with my config? Thanks again for the help. OC.zip
  6. Thanks Jake for the reply. In IOReg says layout id is 7. I have tried setting it to 7 in OC, but no luck yet. ( I also did not send my most current Clover config, that was on my usb installer. I must have changed it after i put on the local disk efi. In that config, both inject and layout are set to 7.)
  7. Just out of boredom, was trying to use opencore instead of clover. I am successfully able to boot now with Opencore, but have not gotten audio to work as of yet. Attached are my OC config, and Clover config. Anything obvious i am missing in the config? Thanks! Configs.zip
  8. I had to install windows on my Toshiba C875 for a work project. I followed a guide and was able to boot from windows or macOS from clover as desired. However, the other day, I was using windows and after updates/reboots, it only boots to windows. What is the property way to set up dual boot to prevent this? Thanks!
  9. @mac0s Follow this thread 3558 and you should be good to go. (Read all of it)
  10. @ndhien Follow through this thread https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/13148-solved-inspiron-3558-help-installing-mojave/ It has all the info you need. The main thing early on is to make sure you don't have loadapfsdriver.efi or hfsplus in the drivers folder, but rather at the root of the flash drive
  11. Okay figured out the dsdt patching finally. That took care of it, thanks!!
  12. Attached is the Debug File Thanks! debug_28929.zip
  13. Thanks Bronx, tried that already unfortunately did not work. I have my DSDT, etc.. files and attempted to disassemble, but still 5 errors when I try and compile. Just have not had time to figure it out. (I was skimming rehab mans guide quickly so I am sure I missed some things.)
  14. WOL already disabled in bios. Okay, never done any DSDT patches will have to read up. thanks! Dave
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