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  1. I had to install windows on my Toshiba C875 for a work project. I followed a guide and was able to boot from windows or macOS from clover as desired. However, the other day, I was using windows and after updates/reboots, it only boots to windows. What is the property way to set up dual boot to prevent this? Thanks!
  2. @mac0s Follow this thread 3558 and you should be good to go. (Read all of it)
  3. @ndhien Follow through this thread https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/13148-solved-inspiron-3558-help-installing-mojave/ It has all the info you need. The main thing early on is to make sure you don't have loadapfsdriver.efi or hfsplus in the drivers folder, but rather at the root of the flash drive
  4. Okay figured out the dsdt patching finally. That took care of it, thanks!!
  5. Attached is the Debug File Thanks! debug_28929.zip
  6. Thanks Bronx, tried that already unfortunately did not work. I have my DSDT, etc.. files and attempted to disassemble, but still 5 errors when I try and compile. Just have not had time to figure it out. (I was skimming rehab mans guide quickly so I am sure I missed some things.)
  7. WOL already disabled in bios. Okay, never done any DSDT patches will have to read up. thanks! Dave
  8. Thanks for the replies. I get bunches of these 2020-04-12 18:52:11.041912-0400 localhost kernel[0]: (AppleACPIPlatform) AppleACPIPlatformPower Wake reason: GLAN
  9. Minor annoyance i have been trying to figure out with my toshiba c675-S7308 running catalina (I have not taken the latest update). When i have it plugged in with the lid closed i hear a noise (Guessing dvd drive) about every min or so. There are also 3 leds, and when i hear the noise, two go off, then come back on one at a time. Any ideas? Thanks so much!
  10. Glad you got it going! I used a USB wifi adapter so can't help you there. Also, if you have random restarts unplug your dvd drive, it was causing issues for me.
  11. Okay, He just sent it to me, this is what is currently running on his laptop. Hope this gets you going. You will still need the loadapfsdriver.efi at the root of your flash drive. CLOVER.zip
  12. Trying to get my son to send me the clover folder off the laptop. If i get it, ill post it. Laptop is same specs as yours.
  13. wish I had the laptop here, it would make this easy. Try this config in your clover folder. Any different? config.plist.zip
  14. I remember getting stuck where you are, give me a sec, I think you need the EC patch on your config
  15. When you go into disk utility, under view at the top left make sure It is checked for all devices. Then select the hard disk and select erase. Do APFS and GUID for the partition map.
  16. Wonder why it's seeing the windows partition in clover if you wiped it? Just curious are you installing Catalina?
  17. Maybe others can help with this one, my son has the laptop now so I can't try anything. It's possible I changed the config, or removed some kexts from that clover folder. Looks like maybe something with the windows ntfs partition? You are getting closer though, mine ran great once I had it all going
  18. Yes (just apfsdriverloader, i was using the vboxhfs as you can see in the drivers folder).
  19. I struggled for a while with this laptop, but it was definitely related to the hfsplus and apfs drivers. Here is my clover folder which was working on the laptop. CLOVER.zip using this version of clover https://github.com/Dids/clover-builder/releases/tag/v2.5k_r5103
  20. I bet you are having the same problem I had when installing Catalina on this laptop. Try going back to UEFI, not legacy. In your clover drivers folder move the hfsplus.efi, and apfsdriverloader.efi files to the root of the flash drive. Now clover should show up. When it does go to the UEFI shell. most likely your flash drive will be fs0: . If it is type fs0: and. hit enter. Now type "dir" and hit enter, make sure the apfsdriverloader.efi is listed. Now type "load apfsdriverloader.efi" and hit enter. If you also need hfs, then do "load hfsplus.efi" and hit enter. Now type "exit" and hit enter. Now you should have the option to install. I never did find a way to automate this, so every time I restart, I have to load the driver manually. Hope that works for you! Oh if you don't need afps, then just use vboxhfs.efi instead of hfsplus.efi, that will work without having to manually load it
  21. Well, just saw there was an update for Hackintool. After updating everything works as expected.
  22. So I like this Toshiba so much I bought a second one, but having some troubles getting usb 3 to work on it. I have use the inject all kext in clover, and when I run the Hackintool utility it freezes up once I select the USB tab so I am unable to generate the usb kext. I have tried with and without the inject all kext and I get the same behavior. Any ideas? thanks!
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