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  1. I found new drivers, picked the right .hex file but now im stuck, the PatchRAM2 im using already has a folder(?) for my IDs it should under IOKitPersonalities, don't know where/how to place the new firmware. It should be in BrcmFirmwareData right? Cant find Firmwares folder stated in Rehabman's guide.
  2. You are right, it loads 4096 after cold boot, 5799 after Windows reboot. Moved all 3 bluetooth kexts to Other folder, back to the square one with c5799 version
  3. When the kexts are in l/e, the version is v7(c5799), when they are in e/c/k/o it goes to v7(c4689).
  4. Nope, it doesn't matter where they are installed. Fixing perms and clearing caches make no difference.
  5. Ill try clover injecting and report, thank you for helping.
  6. But it doesnt happen on Windows, so it has to be something with mac os. The problem is coexistence if im not wrong, but couldnt find a single fix online. Like you said, switching to 5 ghz has a high chance of fixing the problem but we need to do something about the card.
  7. I was able to activate both wifi(096JNT) and bluetooth, but having an interference issue though, can't listen to a music from youtube when connected to a bluetooth speaker/headset. Using wireless connection clogs up bluetooth connection like crazy, can't even hear anything when benchmarking internet speed. What would you guys suggest in this situation? Injected wifi properties and followed Daliansky's tutorial(just bluetooth part).
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