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  1. Yes, I've tried that yesterday and the issue persists.
  2. I'm still having this problem in Big Sur 11.1 and OpenCore.
  3. Strange... I tried your OC folder and it still has the same problem... Maybe my e7470 is slightly different?
  4. Not even the brightness issue? If you don't mind, would you be able to provide the OC folder you're using? Are you using an e7470?
  5. Converted to OpenCore and double-checked I copied everything from Clover correctly... Even with OpenCore, I still have the exact same issue. Perhaps there's an issue with the patch itself? I attached the text files generated by OpenCore, in case they help at all. On the bright side, anyone with a Dell Latitude e7470 can use my OpenCore folder, albeit with the brightness issue (haven't fully tested it though). Note: Please place your unique Serial Number, UUID, MLB, and ROM in config.plist before using the folder. e7470-OC.zip Logs.zip
  6. Yes, my laptop will not boot unless I add “-disablegfxfirmware”. Legacy Option ROMs is disabled.
  7. On my Dell Latitude e7470, I had this issue that I haven't been able to resolve. When I toggle my brightness, it only remains at maximum and nothing happens until I reach minimum (or close to minimum), at which point the screen either starts to flicker or goes black. However, after I put the laptop in sleep (hibernate to be exact) and wake from sleep, the brightness adjusts exactly as intended. I already installed AppleBacklightFixup.kext to /L/E but then removed it as it's already part of WhateverGreen. I tried resetting NVRAM by running "sudo nvram -c". NVRAM appears to work, as t
  8. Hello, I have successfully installed macOS 10.15.3 Catalina on my Dell Latitude e7470. It is generally working fine, but there are a few issues that I have not been able to solve: 1. Caps Lock key - Regardless of whether I have Karabiner-Elements installed, in order to toggle Caps Lock, I have to press the key twice. Really frustrating. 2. Brightness - When dimming the screen, it flickers and doesn't stop flickering until readjusted to max brightness. Strangely, this problem goes away if I put the laptop in sleep, then wake from sleep. Already tried EmuVa
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