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  1. I tested your arhive , battery notification dont work, and the laptop cannot shutdown , power up again. i use high sierra. I post here my EFI LINK , battery works , plug in notification, sound, light , only problem , the laptop cannot shutting down, will power up again. How can i edit the boot order icon ? i have first windows and then OS ,sometime ago was os and then windows.
  2. I cannot manage to finish with Catalina, try with Mojave , cannot log in apple store , itunes not working. High Sierra is the only OS that is working, i have problems with battery indicator , and the shut down , the laptop powwers up again.
  3. Thanks but that not works for me Tested with this CLOVER from link, is for Catalina. 1. Works sound, backlight, right click , but not showing when charger plug in 2. when going to stand-by , is dead, have to force shutdown 3. USB-C only charging, no data transfer Tested with this CLOVER from link , with Mojave 1. I cant right click on the trackpad and the above buttons arent working. 2. The sound not working PS : Working plug in charger notification EFI LENOVO E470 CATALINA KEYBOARD DSDT April2020 ******* NEW 16/04/2020 Can we mix files from this 2 link , and make it work ? I dont understand how can i move file, if take file from kexts folder , and put to other , is automatic loading ? or need to instal somewhere ?
  4. Can some help me with bios settings for Lenovo T470S , and clover full working for OS Mojave ? Thanks
  5. Hy , I manage to install OS Catalina and Windows , both boot from clover menu , but I have some problems : 1. If I have charger connected and start the laptop , the charging icon from bar show that charging but if remove charger the sign is still there. The battery is drain very fast... 2. Sometime the laptop start without sound, no audio . I have to restart laptop and sound is working. 3. Sometime when boot Catalina , the line is loading very slow... after few seconds give me error like the photo from first post. I have to restart laptop to fast loading the OS. 4. Still not solve the problem with EFI partition , I use a flashdrive with CLOVER . I try Efi mounter but cannot find EFI ... 5. On Catalina , if laptop goes to stand by / sleep , will not wake up , is dead ! I have to hard shutdown , and power again. Thanks
  6. How can i install both operationg system ? Slit SSD in tow partition ? i try this way but windows make a folder in EFI partition of clovo , and after restart , will not boot OS
  7. Thanks all I manage to install OS Catalina , stil having problem with EFI partion and Windows because windows creates a folder in EFI partition of Clover . I have a 512 GB SSD split in 2 partition , one for OS , one for Windows. Should try to install Catalina on a single paritition of 512GB, make a partition of disk and then innstal Windows from boot Camp ?
  8. Hy, i try to install from topic here , but i receive the error from image. I make the bios settings from that link but i have T470s Can a coleg to help me make a tutorial how to , from begining to the end ? And can we use Catalina and Windows 10 , on the same Laptop Lenovo T470S ? I7-7600 , 16gb , 256GB SSD
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