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  1. @Jake Lo I guess something wrong on my bcm94352z card. I tried to used an old Intel combo card. Bluetooth could be detected.(not function tho) Then, I plugged-in Broadcom card. It worked again and still be functional now. kinda weird. Is it possible that only bluetooth part broken but not wifi part in one card? Anyway I will keep monitoring. Thank you Jake!
  2. Hello Everyone, Most function are working fine with my hacintosh laptop but not bluetooth. It was worked once but disappeared after rebooting system and never show up again. I tried to install brcmBluetoothInjector, brcmPatchRAM3 and brcmFirmwareData with version 2.5.3 in Clover/kext/others and it's not worked. I also tried to move them on L/E, it's still not worked. (I've mapped USB by using Hackintool.) This problem keep bothering me for couple weeks. I tried to search resolution by myself but nothing worked. kinda frustrated. Wish someone can help me solve the problem. debug doc is attached. Thank you debug_27051.zip
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