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  1. @Hervé @Jake Lo Hey, my SD card reader doesn't work and the tutorial on the homepage is unavailable. It's RTS525A. Besides, I can't use my portable HDD as it says "USB Accessory Needs Power".
  2. @Hervé I don't know why my bluetooth has disappeared. It worked fluently yesterday.
  3. @Jake Lo my audio sometimes become unavailable too
  4. @Jake Lo Last night, my bluetooth worked flawlessly but when I wake up today, bluetooth becomes "Not Available". Although I rebuilt kextcache and try putting kexts in C/K/O, it's still like that
  5. Furthermore, when I connect 5ghz network, it takes me a while to be connected. My results whenever on 5ghz network are not very good at downloads speed. That make me a bit confused.
  6. When I use Ethernet, my result is like 1st picture that tested on my iphone, but when I use both 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz, the result is very unstable
  7. Is something wrong? There is a significant difference. is something
  8. @Hervé is this right? What's the difference between 14e4,4353 and 14e4,4331? Which is the better one?
  9. @Hervé I didn't see my Wi-Fi card there
  10. @Hervé I chose FixAirport and AddDTGP in ACPI section but I didn’t see any Wi-Fi device in Device section. How can I do?
  11. @Jake Lo Do you have a patched DSDT that fits this card?
  12. @Jake Lo hey, I have just replaced my Wi-Fi card with DW1820A. Does it need patching because my Latitude is very lag?
  13. It's still "Unable to connect to the internet. Aborted."
  14. Does anyone know how to fix my issue? I'm using Ethernet and the connection is really stable
  15. Yeah, I had to mount root partition to install that.
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