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  1. @Jake LoI've had a look with hackintool but nothing changes when plugging in the Type C cable so I'm not sure where to go from here. The Same applies to the HDMI port on the laptop as well.
  2. here you go. Output much smaller this time. 5480v2.ioreg.zip
  3. ioreg output with the dock connected. too large to attach so see link https://drive.google.com/file/d/15vUDA_D3wO3OZTjyw3ARoF7ZzTEf7x-7/view?usp=sharing Thanks
  4. Sorry I'm not seeing anything specific to only the AppStore not working as facetime etc all work perfectly. Which part of IORegistryExplorer do you want?
  5. Hi All, after a lot of experimenting I've got basically everything working on my 5480. The only issues I'm having are that I'm unable to get and display output via USB type C (the port works fine as a hub just the display doesn't work) and I've been unable to sign into the app store - even though all other services including facetime etc work fine. Could someone have a look over my config for me? I've probably made a load of mistakes as I'm totally new to this (well I had a play maybe 7 years ago so it's all new again). I've removed the kexts to bring the file size down. DSDT.zip EFI.zip
  6. @Jake LoI've used the above ACPI patches on my 5480 and it's got the trackpad working under Big Sur however it's showing up as a mouse rather than magic trackpad with only 2 finger gesture working - is it a limitation of my trackpad or can I do anything to get it going? my touchscreen is being emulated as a magic trackpad - could that be causing issues?
  7. Yeah, typo sorry. I've edited the post. @Jake Lo Do you know if this is the case?
  8. Hi guys, I'm currently trying to get Big Sur up and running on my kaybylake 5480. I've managed to get pretty much everything up and running. I've managed to get pretty much everything up and running (inluding the touchscreen) other than the trackpad. It's an alps I2C with trackpoint. I've got the VoodooI2C and I2CHID kexts but doesn't seem to make any difference, could anyone give me any pointers?
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