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  1. Atheros installer for 10.14 and 10.15 from the files directory Olarila + ATH9KInjector.kext and IO80211Family.kext installed using Kext Utility. + boot args: -ath9565 wifi works, needs help running bluetooth. apparently bluetooth repairs dual boot with windows, start windows, then reboot and start mac os. but I don't know if it works, I care so much about bluetooth and I will buy dw1560 for some time. dw1707.zip
  2. Wifi works, needs help running bluetooth
  3. Hello, I have a WiFi card dw1707 / AR9565, I would like to know how to run bluetooth on this card ?? The card is inserted into the laptop acer v3-371 i5 5257u, Intel iris6100. The installed system is Catalina, WiFi Works on this card.
  4. Hey, how do you set the keys to adjust the screen brightness on a laptop keyboard ?? Right now it's fn + f12 and fn + key pause. My bootloader is opencore. In my laptop acer v3-371, the shortcut from adjusting the screen brightness on the keyboard is the shortcut fn + left arrow key and fn + arrow right key.
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