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  1. @Jake Lo I'm using VoodoOS2Controller-R6, as linked in the trackpad part of this site.
  2. Hey, it's been a while. The RAM in my Dell Latitude E5450 recently died, so I had to replace it. This is the only bug I know of in my Hackintosh. Basically, my two finger touch scroll on my E5450's trackpad has an odd bounce-back effect.
  3. @fatihmehmetcnn Multitouch works apart from the fact that it bounces back.
  4. Title. My wireless card is the Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265. It worked in Windows.
  5. @Jake Lo works perfectly, thanks!
  6. @Jake Lo Doesn't work. I checked hackintool and the thing was HDMI, though.
  7. @Jake Lo Sadly didn't work, any ideas?
  8. Sorry, I tried to add the signature earlier but I had no idea how. Will try the Config.plist
  9. @Jake Lo You sure those are the right values? The same thing happens. config.rar
  10. @Jake Lo what do i do in hackintool, jake?
  11. @Jake Lo Will try. Please stay on here just in case I have a problem, thanks
  12. @Jake Lo Could you explain the HDMI guide for me please? Thanks
  13. that means no hardware acceleration, a common problem among hackintoshes. it basically means your gpu isn't doing anything, and everything on-screen is being rendered on your cpu. i can't really help you with this as I don't have your laptop but maybe @Jake Lo could
  14. @Jake Lo Okay, I'm not really sure I get it... That's fine. Another issue has arisen. Since using the updated ALPS kext, scrolling seems to have a "bounce back" where if I scroll up, it scrolls down a bit and vice versa.
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