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  1. @Jake Lo works perfectly, thanks!
  2. @Jake Lo Doesn't work. I checked hackintool and the thing was HDMI, though.
  3. @Jake Lo Sadly didn't work, any ideas?
  4. Sorry, I tried to add the signature earlier but I had no idea how. Will try the Config.plist
  5. @Jake Lo You sure those are the right values? The same thing happens. config.rar
  6. @Jake Lo what do i do in hackintool, jake?
  7. @Jake Lo Will try. Please stay on here just in case I have a problem, thanks
  8. @Jake Lo Could you explain the HDMI guide for me please? Thanks
  9. that means no hardware acceleration, a common problem among hackintoshes. it basically means your gpu isn't doing anything, and everything on-screen is being rendered on your cpu. i can't really help you with this as I don't have your laptop but maybe @Jake Lo could
  10. @Jake Lo Okay, I'm not really sure I get it... That's fine. Another issue has arisen. Since using the updated ALPS kext, scrolling seems to have a "bounce back" where if I scroll up, it scrolls down a bit and vice versa.
  11. @Jake Lo That fixed it. Another issue is that HDMI messes the entire system up. I plug it in, the screen goes black but the backlight stays on. The monitor detects I've plugged it in but says no signal. Have tried multiple HDMIs and monitors. It seems to crash the system too because caps lock's light doesn't light up when I press it.
  12. 1) Release 5.0, it's just called VoodooPS2Controller. 3) I live in the EU so... European... and am getting errors and delays left and right. @Jake Lo
  13. @Jake Lo 1) I'm using Alps, not ApplePS2Controller. 2) Just added injector, nothing happened. 3) No idea if you have access to the servers but the site is... really unstable right now.
  14. First issue is the double caps-lock issue. I have to press caps-lock twice to enable it or disable it. For example, I'll press caps lock every time I type the letter R. rrRR You see? Anyway, the last issue is bluetooth. Bluetooth shows up but doesn't detect any devices. I've already tried that one IntelBluetoothFirmware.kext but it doesn't work. I'm not using IntelBluetoothInjector.kext though, maybe I should try that. No idea on my Wi-Fi card but it's the one in the Dell Latitude E5450. Edit: It's the Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265
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