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  1. Hi, for the USB power issue, can u use another tools to remapping the USB. like USBMap , and try if the problem occured too. i can't tinkering again, since i already sold my 3070. for the wifi BT, yes, you will get the issue, it's called macos wifi bt coexistence issue, since both using the 2.4Ghz frequency. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201542 my solution for this is: purchase wifi extender , i am using tp-link brand, and using the LAN cable to connect to my PC. if needed, i'm using the 5Ghz frequency for the WI-FI, disable when not in use.
  2. Specifications : - PC Model : Lenovo ThinkCentre M720Q Tiny - Processor : Intel Core i7 8700T - iGPU : Intel UHD 630 - RAM : 8GB DDR4 PC21300/3000Mhz - Storage : 1x NVME Toshiba 512GB - Ethernet : 1x Intel I219-V7 Gigabit Ethernet - Wifi : Intel AC 3165 - USB : Intel Chipset - Audio Codec : Realtek ALC235 Working : - QE/CI of Intel UHD 630 - Restart, Sleep and Shutdown - CPU Power Management - Ethernet Intel I219-V7 - Audio Jack and Internal Mic - HDMI Output - HDMI Audio - All Port USB and Super Speed USB 3.1 - Etc? Not Working m720q
  3. sorry for the late response. i already change my hardware to lenovo m720q since i got the i7 version in cheap price, so cannot provide the bios config. last time i checked the sleep, i'm still using the DP cable. i tried to sleep & wake by pressing the keyboard. i don't have the issue. no testing with the HDMI cable one. in my lenovo i have wake issue too, but fixed by doing this. https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Post-Install/universal/sleep.html#fixing-gpus
  4. The issue i have is, bluetooth is available, but i cannot pair the my mouse/ anything, and my hackintosh is not discoverable by my phone. maybe i will use this card for wifi only, and use cheap bluetooth dongle to pair with my logitech mouse. But will Apple Magic Trackpad 2 will be able to pair on non Apple Bluetooth ?
  5. Hi, My machine does not include built-in wifi/BT card. so i add it with BCM943224PCIEBT2 in a Key A/E M.2 adapter board. So i think its internal USB Port. Tried to disable on BIOS, the wifi& BT is unavailable. this in the zip of output thanks Ignasius’s iMac.zip
  6. Hi Hervé, As you suggested, i try to patch AIRPORTBRCM4360 , and now the wifi is working without any add-on kext. But the Bluetooth is still having an issue, Bluetooth is detected in System Information, but cannot connect / discovered. Is Bluetooth patching is required too ? thanks.
  7. Hello, currently i have an issue with this Wifi+Bluetooth hardware. I use a BCM943224PCIEBT2 in a Key A/E M.2 adapter board. I am using OpenCore. Without loading any kext, Wifi is not working, bluetooth is detected, but cannot pairing with my mouse. for the Wifi, i can fix it with adding the AirportBrcmFixup.kext , and update the config.plist. but for the Bluetooth, it's enable, it's written discoverable, but i cannot pair with my mouse. I already try the combination with BrcmPatchRam from https://github.com/acidanthera/BrcmPatchRA
  8. Hello, some updates. It's working proper now with the HDMI. i tried using pre release of Lilu & WEG, and using your recent config. Fix renaming of ACPI -> SSDT-EC.aml i updated the EFI on the first page. Confirmed Both Port is now working Thank you for all your support Jake. Really appreciate it.
  9. Hi, some Updates. Now i have a 100% working EFI for this build. what i changed is: Using pre release of Lilu & WEG Using Your config.plist Rename into ACPI -> SSDT-EC.aml on the config.plist. Doing NVRAM reset. Thank you for your assistance Jake. Dell Optiplex 3070 Micro 100 Percent Working.zip
  10. Let me try with my 1080p tv to check if it works. Yes, it's with DP & HDMI connected. do i need the single DP connection only ?
  11. I tried the config, doing 2x Reset NVRam, still black screen on HDMI. I attached the IORegistryExplorer. thanks. Ignasius’s iMac - after HDMI Patch.zip
  12. Ah, I see. The issue is on the Nvram. the display is 2560 x 1440. By the way, thank you for your assistance. I really happy with the config now.
  13. Hello Jake, Good news, i try to re-apply the config.plist you attach, but the difference is i don't do OC Clean Snapshot , but reboot the computer, do the NVRam. Before doing the NVRam restart, there is some missing ACPI, but, after the NVRam Restart, the Audio is now working. I don't realize that the Optiplex 3070 Micro have an internal Speaker, and now it's working too. The DP Audio is working too. edit: i changed the layout-id for the Realtek audio to 11. Internal Audio OK - HDMI OK - Universal Audio Jack OK - Line Out OK Thanks,
  14. Hi, tried to doing Reset NVRam, but still no luck. Currently i'm using DP Port, since using HDMI, no signal, just blank. thanks.
  15. Hello, i tried your new config.plist, but still no HDMI audio detected. the new logging is attached -Open Core Log -IORegistryExplorer I don't see HDAU on IO. maybe it's what causing audio failed to load? or maybe because of Intel FrameBuffer Patching ? thanks. logging-25-july-2020.zip
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