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  1. Yeah, I obviously have to patch IntelHDGraphicsFB kext :). I have dual link framebuffer, laptop's native resolution is 1440x900. Thanks, guys
  2. I've read them already, but some things are too complicated. I have actually installed High Sierra on it, but without QE/CI, which makes it unusable. Just wondered if anyone here succeeded in installing any of MacOS versions from Maverick to High Sierra. I run Hackintosh on my main computer with Xeon CPU and Radeon RX570 (both Mojave and Catalina on separate hard drives) and on my Dell Latitude 5530 i5 and Intel HD4000 (Catalina).
  3. I can see some people have successfully installed macOS with full graphics hardware acceleration on Lenovo Thinkpad T410s. I have searched through OSXLatitude forums but I can't find any EFI. Is it possible for you to share your EFI or at least Clover plist? Thanks in advance
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