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  1. I disabled hibernation, as written in the FAQ. But the problem is not solved, black screen after waking up. UPD: After a reboot, the problem is not observed. I will test the system during the day and report the results.
  2. Thanks for the advice about disabling hibernation, completely forgot about it. Does it make sense to update kexts? And one more question about APFS Encrypted. I tried to install Catalina on an encrypted partition, but after the first reboot, Clover didn't show the new partition. I tried to find an answer to this question, but I couldn't.
  3. I did a clean install of Catalina on a new ssd, installed Clover 5119 and copied the files from Catalina Bootpack #2. Everything works great, but I get a black screen after waking up. Tell me, what files should I update in the EFI folder?
  4. Perhaps the reason is that I installed the system on a laptop with a different configuration, and now I'm trying to boot the system on another laptop? What information can I provide you so that you can find the reason for the failure? Or maybe the reason lies in io80211family.kext?
  5. @Hervé, what files should be in my patched folder? With DSDT.aml, DDDT.dsl and new ssdt.aml (i5-3340M) system won't boot. With ssdt.aml only it boots, but usb 3.0 ports are not working.
  6. Catalina bootpack #2 from topic with E6230 guides
  7. Hello everyone. I need help with my new E6230 (i5-3340M). I have an ssd from my old E6230 (i5-3320m) with MacOs Catalina installed. I tried to boot from it on a new E6230 (i5-3340m) but the system reboots a few seconds after MacOs Catalina boots (and logged in). I have tried booting via usb device with catalina bootpack #2, but in this case, the system boot stops at 70%-80% at the Apple logo. Tell me what am I doing wrong? Also, my old E6230 had Atheros WWAN installed (I had to look up a kext for that) and the new one now has Intel WWAN installed.
  8. @Jake LoI don't understand how I can rebuild cache.
  9. Clover Configurator I get an error while saving the config
  10. How to do it? My system is not loading now
  11. I used your bootpack, but I replaced SSDT-PM with my ssdt.aml (I renamed it SSDT-PM and replaced it). EFI.zip Admin’s MacBook Pro.ioreg
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