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  1. Hi! Did anybody try setting modem port to 6 or 8 as described here?: https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/8006-sierra-wireless-qmi-modules-mcem73xx77xx8805etc-dell-dw557058085809etc/ @influenist this script that you mentioned sets the card in MBIM only (+AT) mode. If Im not mistaken for OSX and this kext we need to put the card in the mode that supports QMI mode also? https://www.ttl.one/2018/07/sierra-wireless-lte-autoflashing-em74xx.html So for example on this page that was linked scripts github page (https://zukota.com/sierra-wireless-em7455-how-to-enable-com-ports/) the modem supports mode 6,8, and 9, and was set in mode 8 that doesn't support QMI But if we set modem (manually, without script) to modem config 6, that mode support QMI Can anybody please check if this solves this issue so I can go order this card on Ali? instructions here: https://zukota.com/sierra-wireless-em7455-how-to-enable-com-ports/
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