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  1. No Sound: Check your alcid="number", in ACPI Section check HPET - RTC - TMR Patches No Touchpad: Use VoodooI2C, tutorial from Olarila No Sleep: use GPRW Method if you haven't remapped USB No Thunderbolt: I have no idea...
  2. Please download Offline macOS Installer from Olarila, and replace with my EFI
  3. Why don't you use macOS Offline Installer from Olarila?
  4. Follow Dortania OpenCore Installation Guide plz https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/
  5. Yes. You can use OpenCore Configurator instead of ProperTree. Place VoodooI2C.kext and VoodooI2CHID.kext, make a clean snapshot but DISABLE THIS KEXT VoodooI2C.kext/Contents/Plugin/VoodooInput.kext Otherwise, you can follow Olarila I2C Patch Tutorial: https://www.olarila.com/topic/5644-enable-i2c-trackpad-voodooi2c-not-a-guide-not-really/ and, did you try my EFI on Dell 3390 :D?
  6. You need to patch your touchpad/Touchscreen with VoodooI2C
  7. Do you have NVME? BIOS setting to AHCI? Did you config your BIOS?
  8. Remove VooodooI2C.kext and VoodooI2CHID.kext Re-snapshot your config and reset NVRAM before booting. Or using this updated EFI: - Dell E7490: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmHnQsJK7vXsiVxAsbUX-ZV0l3BJ?e=O0K3XP - Dell 3390: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmHnQsJK7vXsiVt-XJuLs4afWwxR?e=SUiKiq
  9. Your EFI File here - Dell E7490: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmHnQsJK7vXsiVlpNkqGhbu5KGVm?e=7Ww8VV - Dell 3390: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmHnQsJK7vXsiVruqVVa474xCAdg?e=8L5iUg All of them contain 7 SSDTs (EC, USBX, HPET, PMC, PLUG, PNLF), important kexts like AppleALC, Lilu, WEG, VoodooPS2/I2C, VirtualSMC... and patched UHD 620. You can add more kext or SSDTs, modify config.plist to patch for enabling more feature like Sleep, Touchpad, Wifi/BT... P/S: Reset NVRAM before booting!
  10. Dump DSDT and post into here I will help you for booting macOS to USB
  11. Dell Latitude E5550: Intel Broadwell i3-5010U @2.10GHz Intel HD5500 graphics 8GB DDR3L RAM Intel I218V LAN Intel AC 7265 Wireless OpenCore 0.7.3 and Clover r5138 with up-to-date kexts at time of writing. https://github.com/quynkk5/E5550-macOS/releases/tag/v1.0 (This link is dead ) Updated: Dell Latitude E5550.zip Working: Full graphics acceleration HDMI output Wifi and Bluetooth LAN Audio (speakers, headphones & HDMI) Sleep with lid off and  > Sleep Brightness control Multimedia button Keyboard and touchpad (ALPS) SD card reader USB2.0 & USB3.0 ports (USB remapping required macOS installation because my laptop doesn't have camera so I've not remapped yet) Battery Indicator and charger Not working: VGA output (unsupported)
  12. hmm... How can I patch these key via SSDT or DSDT? I read a post about this and they said: "0x01xx: standard PS2 codes... make/break separate 0x02xx: extended PS2 codes (e0)... make/break separate 0x03xx: standard PS2 codes... make/break combined (eg. make and break are sent with only a single notify) 0x04xx: extended PS2 codes (e0)... make/break combined"
  13. I have dell latitude e5540 which works for 95% but I have some issue about keyboard: - Fn+F3 (Scroll Lock) = Decrease Brightness, which mapped to FN+DOWNKEY. I want to disable this key. in Console.app it shows 46=6b - Fn+Insert = Increase brightness, which mapped to FN+UPKEY. I want to disable this key as Fn+F3 in Console.app it shows e045=71 - Fn+F5 (Toggle Trackpad), I haven't mapped this key, but when I pressed this key, it only shown: ApplePS2Keyboard: sending key e01e=80 down - Fn+Home & Fn+End = Trackpad Toggle, I want its mapped to Fn+F5, and FN+End=Capture Screen in console.app it shows: Fn+Home: ApplePS2Keyboard: sending key e037=0, 0=80 up/down Fn+End: same as Fn+Home Fn+Insert: ApplePS2Keyboard: sending key e045=71 up/down And my keyboard always generate ApplePS2Keyboard in Console.app although I disabled via ioio My EFI: https://github.com/quynkk5/E5540-Hackintosh (In release tab)
  14. I have E5540 too and I booted up with macOS BigSur. This is my EFI: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmHnQsJK7vXshFTxBk4cELdGYAIZ?e=cZeLo5 Issues: - USB 3.0 detected but now showing in Hackintool - VGA Port maybe not working? Because i haven't tested yet.
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