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  1. This worked! Everything is functioning correctly now, this problem is solved.
  2. I will do some swapping around later today and let you know what happens.
  3. Well it seems my trackpad works with VoodooPS2Controller but without any of its gestures and stuff, and it just doesn’t work on VoodooPS2ControllerR6. A little stumped here, as it works when I boot from my flash drive, which appears to have the same kexts. Edit: looked at my flash drive’s config.plist. Not a single mention of VoodooPS2Controller, only VoodooPS2ControllerR6. Reminder that both trackpad and keyboard are functioning flawlessly when booting off my flash drive.
  4. That worked! However, mysteriously, my trackpad and keyboard stopped working. Some fiddling around got my keyboard working again, but still no trackpad, everything needed seems to be enabled. what happened? OC.zip
  5. Hello again. Yesterday I was graciously provided an EFI (which I am forever grateful for, thank you!) and currently everything is working on Big Sur. However, I am unable to add or delete any kexts. when i remove or add a kext and update the config.plist with propertree's "OC Snapshot" feature (i did try clean snapshot as well) and reboot, my boot list is filled with a ton of EFIs seemingly from the EFI/OC/Tools folder, and attempting to boot immediately results in a kernel panic before anything tries to load. If I'm missing an obvious step, I'm sorry. what can I do to fix it? attached below is the last EFI that adds itlwm.kext and should have an updated config, this would not boot. Thank you in advance. EFI.zip
  6. I did, but i figured since it only said “10.12 and up” i would check and see if anyone here had experience with it yet. My apologies. Still new to this and trying to get my bearings.
  7. All working! Thank you so much! I do have a question you may be able to answer, do you know if the itlwm kexts work on big sur? i don’t actually had the broadcom hardware at the moment i was just not messing with it to avoid the headache of messing with the opencore config. just needing a temporary wifi solution to fall back to.
  8. New to this forum, hope I'm posting in the right spot! I recently pulled an EFI from this forum for my laptop made for OC 6.0 and I updated the key files for OC 6.3, currently trying to boot Big Sur 11.0.1. However, I'm getting stuck at the dreaded "apfs_module_start:2436" while booting. I already have all the patches and SSDTs in place and enabled. What am I doing wrong? My OC files are below. Thanks in advance! OC.zip
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