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  1. Looks like the SMBIOS and Platform IDs in that config are both ones i've already tried, but good to know which is known to work on that model. I've been messing with all sorts of combinations of settings and so far i still can't seem to get anything to help much. I am beginning to think perhaps this machine is just a dead end, but who knows.
  2. Haven't had much luck with the patching. Will definitely try the deviceproperties and SMBIOS from that config! I knew about the non-AIO version of the 3011, but didn't realize the 9010 was apparently the same with a bigger (23" 1080p) screen. Trying this right now and will post back here with results. Thanks!!
  3. Where could i find the IOReg of the 2013 iMac? I did notice that mactracker didnt list the 2012 as having HD4000, only the Nvidia card but everymac.com did list the education model. I was trying a couple different framebuffer patches from the whatevergreen manual and so far haven't found any that make a difference. Do i need the computer to identify as the 2013 education model for the iGPU to be enabled? Or maybe do i need to try a different connector? Hackintool now lists "Index 1" as external. Not sure if that's what the internal display is connected to, or if it means anything at all.
  4. Alright, so I think i have my EDID successfully injected now, and I've removed the connector and stolenmem patches. I've been playing around with the platform IDs to see if anything's changed: Using 0A006601 and 0B006601 (from doritania guide) doesnt make any changes on the internal display, however connecting over screen sharing from my real mac does show that the machine detects the "OptiPlex 3011" display at its full resolution and now lists the HD Graphics 4000 in the "about this mac" window. Tried 04006601 next, and it freezes at the point where the display would normally shut off and the remote desktop would reconnect. I left it here for a while to see what would happen and i came back later to find the CPU fan at 100% speed. Lastly using 09006601 corrupts the verbose boot graphics (but only the last screen before the gpu initializes, there are no log updates underneath the corrpution) and the remote desktop does work. Besides the internal display staying on with corrupted graphics, it was exactly the same as the first to IDs. I'm going to try more from the whatevergreen patching guide as well as getting CPU PM working, and will report back here. Should i also remove framebuffer-fbmem and framebuffer-patch-enable from my config? My machine has no option for 64MB DVMT, so afaik i do need these. Thanks!!
  5. Ah, I haven't come across this on any of my searches, I don't think. I'll definitely give that a shot and report back here. Thanks!!!!
  6. I did previously try the 0x0166004 framebuffer, but it makes no difference. I was able to find that my display is actually connected with eDP or embedded displayport, not LVDS through the intel drivers on the windows side. I'll try to get CPU PM SSDT going in the morning, do you think that could help my situation with the graphics? Also, i should mention that i am actually able to remote into the machine from my real mac pro and without the igfxvesa flag, it seems to have full acceleration and everything, just there's no internal display. I tried a USB displaylink dock and that worked too. I've tried messing with the connector settings as well but to no avail.
  7. It has a 1600x900 Display. I can send photos of the info section on the windows intel drivers config page, otherwise I'm using opencore 0.8.2, though i do plan on updating to the latest version once i get everything working. Here's my EFI: EFI.zip
  8. Hi everyone, I'm trying to get catalina going on an older Dell Optiplex 3011 AIO with an i7-3770K and Intel HD 4000 graphics. I have the installer USB going and it seems to boot all the way through - but at the point where normally the verbose text goes away and the apple logo appears, the display just shuts off, backlight and everything. I was able to eventually get everything installed to the SSD using the -igfxvesa flag, that does bring the screen up at full res but very laggy and only 5mb of VRAM detected. No acceleration obviously. I've tried googling around and cant find too much on the issue, but I've been trying different AAPL,ig-platform-id's and added igfxonln=1 to my boot-args. So far nothing has changed my issue. Does anyone have any ideas of what else i should try? Thanks!!!
  9. Same issue, even with the hard drive completely disconnected, if that makes a difference. Could it be something with the bios? I can try updating it or send a list of all the current settings.
  10. That EFI just gets stuck at End SetConsoleMode, and then the machine reboots, also it no longer shows the boot picker. Does it matter that there is a copy of the mojave installer on the sata SSD and on the USB drive? I loaded it onto the SSD to maybe see if that would help, but did not change anything
  11. These GT710s are the right ones to use with macOS as they work perfectly ootb with my real mac pro. I’ve also tried without the nvidia card, and the intel graphics produce the same issue, so i’m thinking it’s not graphics related.
  12. Hey everyone, so I have a dell optiplex 3040 here that i've been trying to get Mojave (or catalina, or big sur, or anything at this point, they all get stuck at the same spot) going on for a few days now, and so far as far as i can get the installer to boot is seemingly all the way through, it goes to a white screen with a movable mouse, and then an apple logo with a bar that goes to about 95% before freezing, and then a minute or two later the machine just powers off. No reboot, no panic, it just shuts down with some text that quickly flashes before the machine shuts off, a photo is attached to this post showing that. Any ideas? Tried just about every pre-made EFI and every guide out there and they all do the same thing as my own custom made opencore install does, doesn't matter if it's clover or opencore. I've made sure all my bios settings are good and have tried countless little different things and so far i haven't been able to get past this one issue, and I'm not sure what else to even try by this point. Model: Optiplex 3040 SFF CPU: i5-6500 GPU:MSI GT 710 1GB / Integrated Intel HD 530 (not used, but if i can get it working that works too!!) RAM: 8GB DDR3L
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