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  1. Because people are leaving important details out. Some e6400s use Intel Duo core and some use Centrino 2. Some e6400s use Intel graphics and some use Nvidia. I tried to point this out and mentioned that the guides "should" tell which processors they're for and got shot down for it. LOL, the most important detail and they don't wanna use it
  2. I've got a few of these laptops and i've noticed that the compatability charts (and guides) seem to forget that, in most cases, they make laptops with Intel & Centrino processors. I've got a bunch with Centrinos and these guides don't work for me. In the compatability charts, they're not mentioning this. The D630(s) i have, one is Intel and the other is Centrino. One works great, the other has serious issues. The E6400, i have Centrino processors on both of mine and the guides (i've found) don't work for them. And, it really should be said (up front) which processor it's been tested on and working and not 6-13 pages down the line...shouldn't it? Should they not, at least, amend the guides? Shouldn't this be pointed out, first, before anything in the guides? Should these also not have a compatability listing for both Intel & Centrino CPUs on the list? It seems there is a very obvious difference made with graphics cards but why not processors? Would that not confuse people expecting it to work for them? I dunno, i just thought i would throw that in there (shrug).
  3. Out of curiosity, in your opinion, should i just dump the e6400 and go for a 620 or 630? I have the D630 and am enjoying it (with a few small exceptions). I have some other Dell laptops and just wonder....should i just sell them off and go for the Nvidia 620s & 630s?
  4. I looked at the compatability chart and it was blank. I loaded EDF and thought, "just for fun, let's try it". Did anyone else notice that EDF actually "cripples" an OSX Lion install? I had Wifi, before the install, and now it's gone. Really, all i needed, out of EDF, was a working video driver. I've got the Intel GM45. It's just odd how it actually removed working stuff. IMHO, the E6400 would be a great Mac clone notebook. It's got the backlit keys, tons of options, you can even pump the memory way up (to 8gb i think). If i could get QE/CI working, it would be grand. I've got a Dell D630 and it works astoundingly well on Lion. Curse you Intel! Making a graphics card so difficult to deal with!
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