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  1. Now it works on F11 and F12, thanks a lot!!! I'm not able to use Sidecar (with iPad Pro 3rd gen 2018): "Unable to Connect to “iPad Pro, The device timed out.” Maybe I'm expecting too much
  2. With slider works fine, it doesn't work with Fn keys but it is not a big deal Is it normal that for trackpad there's nothing, no possibility to use the swipes as on original mac trackpad?
  3. I already put that file in ACPI and it is also in config.plist Please fin attached latest ioreg file also with screenshots from EFI misa’s MacBook Pro.ioreg
  4. Yes there is a slider (attached) MacBook Pro.ioreg config.plist.zip
  5. @Jake Lo Nothing happen when press Fn+B or Fn+S
  6. Thank you Jake, this works perfectly, no issues anymore with black display. Still left to solve Fn+F11/F12 doesn't work for brightness, and don't know how to make system font a little bit bigger....anything rest works
  7. Hi Jake, Thank you for helping me Hope that this file is what you expected to see.. MacBook Pro.ioreg
  8. I've tried with with Fn+F11/F12 it doesn't work..What do you mean with Fn+B/Fn+S? Nothing happened when press those combination. Turn of the laptop display, for example going into sleep, or turn of the display after 5 minutes. I think when put in sleep it actually doesn't go to sleep, only display is turned off without possibility to turn it on.....need to press power button to force shutdown. Wifi is not a big problem, it works with turn off/turn on. I'm quite noob in hackintosh world, so not sure what you mean by Intel kext (where to put it and where to download it)?
  9. Thank you Jake Lo, it works with your EFI (thumbs up) Keys on the keyboard for brightness level doesn't work for me. Also when turn of the display, I'm not able to turn it on again, black screen? Wifi is working but after every restart it can not connect to wifi...every time I need to put the cable and then it works. This is my first hackintosh, and basically everything works fine (I've needed to kill the win 10 partition, as it wouldn't boot the mac os). One more thing, boot last too much, on my mbp 13 from 2011 it last for a couple of seconds. Thanks!
  10. Hello guys, I'm sorry if my question is redundant, it could be my first hackintosh :), so I need some guidance. I took the EFI from Jake Lo, so is it sufficient to follow Open core steps from site to install Big Sur on my E5470? I hope that everything can work If I missed the right place to ask this question I apologize, moderator can move it to the respective topic. Thank you in advance
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