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  1. Thanks @Hervé i will look into upgrading oc first and test .
  2. Hi there , i have an e7450 and im on 11.6 big sur and on opencore 0.72 . Has anyone managed to get the final release working ?
  3. Ok cool man , i just fixed the mic input now and all is working. Thanks again for the help.
  4. I can confirm that 11.5 breaks audio , my fix was to change to a different audio layout then change back to 12 and its working, but now it does not recognize my mic . Must you add the alcplugfix as a login item ?
  5. Thanks @Jake Lo , i will try , do you mind sending a kext version screen shot from hackintool please ?
  6. I started on 11.2 on my e7440 , is it fine to upgrade to 11.5 @Jake Lo , did you have to make any changes since then ? New kext updates ?
  7. Thanks alot @Jake Lo i got it working!
  8. Hi Guys So i have finally managed to get everything working on my hackintosh , one little thing that i cant seem to get right is the boot chime , i followed opencore's guide but with no luck . I have checked Jakes e7440 Catalina and Big Sur's config.plist and never found anything on it .
  9. Hi , i have everything working but for some reason i cannot get the internal webcam to work , how did you get yours working?
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