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  1. i will get my laptop tomorrow n then i'll check with updated bios to see the result i just said it not to see the topic is closed by you guys because i'm still on thought of making it true
  2. i did it Jake but still memory panic should i install big sur to test !? because in big sur i had mapping issue but not kernel or memory panic !!!
  3. hi @Jake Lo any update on patching above DSDT !? TBH, thank you for the time you put to solve mac issues!!! you rock man
  4. here's the result from SSDTTIME i put all the files in RAR file Jake. Results.rar
  5. thank you dude i’ll have a look nd see what to do i’ll post the result here but one thing, in case we got rid of memory panic with the patch you are going to make and i do the DSDT extraction, would it be possible to use the final EFI to install big sur as well!? because in big sur i had mapping issue!!!!!!
  6. hi Jake yep several days ago it kept on dell logo which i gave it to the repairman to have it fixed. now i wanted to update the bios since the efi you already sent me is needed a bios of a24. if there’s a workround to have catalina installed on it, i would appreciate it FYI, im a newbie on installing mac on laptop, if there’s any link or guidance on how to do DSDT/SSDT extraction, it would be cool then.
  7. i almost did everything even i made a stick for DOS, it goes through initiation proccess to preparing installing and then restarts but never flashes the bios file i almost tried all versions available it is as it is for me stuck at it maybe need to take it to the repair guys
  8. guys i tried updating bios it succeed in windows installing but it won’t run flashing bios when it restarts i tried resetting bios to default but no use. i already installed windows 10 through UEFI i can’t update bios any idea?
  9. sure i will i’ll keep you posted on that
  10. i copied a brightness kext from another efi and then it’s fixed but again stuck at memory panic. is it because i have bios a07 !? should i update it!? i’m afraid my laptop stuck at dell logo again. any idea?
  11. thank you i’ll try and post the result here shows this error
  12. when i stuck in big sur mapping, i was using bios a12 and resolution 1024x728 but i updated it to a18 or a24 i guess which stuck at dell boot logo which they the repirman changed damaged bios along with EC of the bios to have it fixed again
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