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  1. Just wondering , why not utilize included Clover r 5141 driver option VboxHFS driver instead addition HFSplus driver ? also after complete the installation , only boot from "preboot " , does it normal ? @Hervé Thank you for comprehensive, detail and great guide
  2. I just trying with OpenCore and UEFI wont detect neither , then removed the hard drive and detected by EFI as it should there was EFI windows boot manager on EFi boot list cause this problem and all good now
  3. Thank you Jake, will try that
  4. Yes, I did format the USB installer to GPT (GUID ) / Journal Extended with disk utility
  5. Hello, I am following guide below , to create USB installer for Big Sur for E7270 , but wont boot to Clover R5133 and neither recognize on UEFI list , change to different USB port and thumb drive but still fail. As well as following suggestion for BIOS setup on that guide . And use the same BIOS 1.31.3. Do I miss something ? Please advise and Thank you https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/15648-dell-latitude-e7270-with-i7-6600u-hd520-and-1920x1080-touchscreen-high-sierramojavecatalinabig-surmonterey/
  6. The problem I had with Toshiba HDD MK2556GSY , I change to WD HDD WB5000BPKT and booting no problem . I still wondering why use the same EFI boot, same SATA to USB adapter, same laptop , but that Toshiba drive fail to boot it self after finish installation . May be somebody can explain it . Thanks
  7. I move it as internal hd . it wont to boot either. Not sure why The E5420 Bios just recognize EFI / boot if under MBR partition , but not GPT disk 1 is my HDD disk 2 is my usb boot
  8. try to install clover and fail added EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi BIOS UEFI wont boot I just tried that HDD as external USB to newer Latitude 5400 and being recognized as EFI partition and will go clover booting menu so no problem UEFI 5400 ,but problem E5420 btw attached my USB thumb boot drive
  9. This is my first build OS X on Latitude E5420 so really newbie and nope about it, I am able to install Catalina on E5420 on external USB HDD drive, it looks all functioning well as it should ( Audio, keyboard and mouse pad , wifi, and ethernet ). I use Boot Disk Utility on USB thumb drive and clover legacy boot. Now I am wondering how to boot up without USB thumb drive ? I mounted EFI partition on HDD drive and copy USB thumb drive 's EFI folder + boot to EFI partition but has no luck and wont go to boot menu Please advise and Thank you for all your help
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