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  1. @Jake Lo So the original method I am renaming to XREG has the Arg1 ECFL will this cause any issue since this will be ignored now in Native DSDT after the method is renamed to XREG. Method (_REG, 2, NotSerialized) // _REG: Region Availability { If ((Arg0 == 0x03)) { ECFL = Arg1 } } Name (WBTS, One) I see only 1 ACPI error preventing the SSDT from loading _WAK and if I comment out this portion in the SSDT then I get an _INI ACPI ERROR see below
  2. @Jake Lo I accidentally renamed the wrong method to XINI, now I know what you meant by I might need the INI method that was in the code section below must have had a brain fart. SO I have renamed this now, still no LED yet would like to see if we can try a few more things if possible? Method (XINI, 0, NotSerialized) { OSYS = 0x07DC If (CondRefOf (\XOSI, Local0)) { If (XOSI ("Linux")) { OSYS = 0x03E8 }
  3. I actually have it working with EmlyDinesh Custom LED patch for DSDT it works in BigSur. Just want to port it over to SSDT. See first post the patches are there. 2nd or 3rd post has native and patched DSDT.
  4. Just tried now didn't work off to work in a bit. I noticed XWAK is being used in a couple of places already should I use something else instead of X? Here are the areas in the DSDT where _Wak and XWAK is being used before I apply the patch so XWAK is being used in other areas. Edited: I used ZWAK for the first method below not sure why those others are named XWAK before the patching? Is this the one I need to rename? Still no WIFI Led thanks for helping me I know this one is tricky. After boot only this one is renamed to ZWAK "Method (ZWAK, 1, Ser
  5. Here is the SSDT BAT Patch and Config.plist look in ACPI Patch section for the renaming of Methods, battery working great and no ACPI errors. Emly's Bat patch was actually patching SystemIO Bit Fields never figured out why but I did not patch SystemIO only EmbeddedControl fields Config.plist.zip SSDT-BAT.aml.zip
  6. I see your point on that I added it have a look had to fulfill more Externals checked DSDT if they are IntObj, FieldUnitObj, MethodObj and DeviceObj I think I have them correct and the SSDT Scope's follows along with what is in the DSDT and for the Scope _SB, I added for the Patch Method "Method (WFBT, 0, NotSerialized)" that seem to be where the patch was in DSDT. Does Scope (_SB.PCI0) seem correct for Method XOSI, I believe this was the Scope in DSDT if it's wrong what would most likely be broken for XOSI? LED still not on after boot. Edited: Screwed up c
  7. I did the modifications I spoke about above and I should at least have the WFBT LED Lit on boot maybe my Scope/Externals are off can you have a look? I will tackle the LED Wake from Sleep later. Decompiled DSDT with command "./iasl-stable -l DSDT.aml" to get hex code find _REG and replace to XREG verified with hex-friend _REG 5F 52 45 47 02 is unique as well as XREG 58 52 45 47 02. Added rename patch to Config.plist. Boot and checked System DSDT, _REG is renamed to XREG and inserted this method into SSDT. Can you have a look at my modified SSDT I had to place the co
  8. @Jake Lo Hi Jake Lo I was successful creating the SSDT Battery Patch all that is left now is this "WiFi BT Boot/Sleep Status patch". I tried to insert the patch into the SSDT-XOSI.aml hoping it would work that way but it didn't unless I have done it wrong? WFBT is also inserted in " Method (_WAK, 1, Serialized)". Would I need to insert this entire code into its own SSDT and rename _WAK to SWAK for example or is there an easier way? WFBT () gets inserted in two places in the DSDT code below. The "Method (WFBT, 0, NotSerialized)" is easy since this is a new
  9. OMG Jake Lo you did it you got this working as an SSDT patch this is a huge accomplishment, huge!! How can I thanks you for this. All thats left is the Battery Patch have to read over Rehabman's Hotpatch for Battery. I understand the original DSDT patch but porting this to Opencore rename and SSDT is a huge task. Also the Wifi\BT LED Sleep/Wake Fix that patch is kinda all over the DSDT not sure how I can get that one to work. Two more patches to go and I am DSDTless!! Thanks Again!
  10. I took out the patches from the DSDT only battery patch in DSDT. Would I still need renames? Tonight I will change DSDT to "No" and boot without it to see, if that still doesn't work I would need to know what to rename? The 16 level patch I guess is tricky it sits itself below a method in the DSDT I can share that patched DSDT tonight so you can see where the patch sits if that is helpful or not?
  11. I was hoping it would work but it didn't. You probably needs logs I am on my way to work but for now here is the Ioreg. osxfr33k’s MacBook Pro3.ioreg.zip
  12. AsusSMC is not working on Nvidia only but I have AppleBacklightFixup from Rehabman working flawlessly all the way from Yosemite through Big Sur 11.2.1. Was your intent to make AsusSMC work on Nvidia? Here is my latest EFI and Ioreg I cleaned up a bit. I see that I am not loading SSDT-USBX but USBX settings are in my USBports.kext. Look over my EFI and Ioreg and tell me if its better now? Can you help me make 16 level FN key SSDT patch work on Keyboard brightness instead of being in DSDT I want SSDT. I looked at your patches on github for Rog GL703ge since the DSDT are simil
  13. It stops booting as before at "BuildActDevuceEntry exit" as in my screenshot on page 2 second or 3rd post. I agree I forgot to remove XQ0E and XQ0F but in later EFI I changed patch to no only left for convenience. I will explain why I had this because my DSDT had the patch and I wanted to disable that patch in DSDT and test the SSDT with _Q0E. I agree no need to rename to EH01/02 since this is not being used on my Laptop. Also agree the rename of GFX0 is not needed I don't remember why I did this and forgot to change to "no" I was doing some testing a while back and forgot about it. Also
  14. Well all the patches I posted on my first post were weeks and weeks of hard work in 2014 by EmlyDinesh very famous developer from here and we spent weeks both him and I perfecting these patches specific to my laptop. So the AsusSMC kext is for integrated graphics and not nvidia? Can we start over with SSDT all I want to do is make 16 level FN key brightness patch for keys and lcd as SSDT. Also WiFi/BT wake sleep LED fix and battery patch all as SSDT. I have my LCD working flawless with Rehabman Apple backlight fixup which was meant for Intel GPU but I figured out on my own how to get it to
  15. I will try in a few minutes getting ready for work and at the same time will try this. My Laptop is Asus G750JX-DB71 Haswell Processor with Intel GPU disabled by Asus and only with Nvidia Discreet Graphics GPU GTX 770m. Do you have more time over the weekend to do more testing? I am US Central time maybe our times are different?
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