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  1. While trying to make an installation disk I discovered that the Debug Menu in Disk Utilities is missing in El Capitan. Do anyone have a workaround? I am trying to get a Lenovo T430sup and running.
  2. Is there any new developments in reference a possible boot pack for the Lenovo E540.
  3. I see that there is a bootpack for the Lenovo T430 and i used it to get my system running. How about a bootpack specifically for the T430s so I can get the right resolution of 1600x900. I also do not have audio. I am using a usb wifi dongle because i cam not mod the whitelisted card. I have a 9285 wifi compatible card but the system will not boot with it.
  4. Before I try it should I update my bios? i have an A04 bios.
  5. I do not remember using a special bootpack. I looked in the list and did not see one for E6320. There is one I believe for E6230 though. I did not use the E6220 one.
  6. I have an E6320 and can not get the camera to work. Has this been resolved?
  7. Advice well taken. Thanks.
  8. Dell wifi cards dw1390 and Dell dw1495 are not working with mavericks ...has there been any breakthroughs on wifi for mavericks on a Dell D830?
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