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  1. yarek

    Sleep issue

    Yes, I did update to EDP 1.9. I have D430, dual core. I'm not quite sure, if I use null cpu. I don't remember setting it, so most probably if it is in default - I have it. Should I remove SleepEnabler from my configuration?
  2. yarek

    Sleep issue

    I did not change my bios settings - sleep was working correctly, and nothing changed when it comes to bios configuration. Therefore, I would blame something else. Wake on USB is turned off.
  3. yarek

    DD Problem

    I had also the same error, when I downloaded file via torrent. I did not use the //?/Device/etc as a destination, instead I used /.//i:, where I: was a ltter of the pendrive. I did that under Windows. I don't know if it is correct, but I was able to install system from the pendrive prepared this way.
  4. yarek

    Sleep issue

    Hi everyone, I was running 10.6.6 and the sleep was working smoothly - computer was going to sleep and waking without any problems. I had to reinstall the system (after not to good update to the 10.6.8). Now I'm running 10.6.7 and everything apart from sleep is working great. What I did: 1) I followed wiki for how to enable sleep. 2) I used the EDP tool to fix sleep issues. When I close the lid, I hear that HDD is going to sleep, screen turns black, but the computer does not sleep (bluetooth indicator is still on, I hear the cooler working) and does not wake up obviously. I remember that I had such problem with the previous installation and that I resolved it with single command - I just don't remember it Any idea Guys?
  5. Ok, so I just created the pendrive with usb image, accordingly to the wiki instructions. Installed the new system... and everything is as it was My system work flawlessly and is fully tuned... the only difference is that it is 10.6 without any update It performs so awseme that I think I will not install any updates... So, the solution for 10.6.8 update is: reinstalling the system!
  6. It is rather hard, because all network connections are not working and the usb ports and dvd are also not responding...
  7. Hi everyone, I know that there is similar topic, but I think that my problem is little bit different. After the update to 10.6.8 i lost wifi, bluetooth and gained overall laggish performance (every operation takes 5 times more time) Is there any chance to resolve the problem without reinstalling the system? Would not like to do that. Help please! ;(
  8. Is there any chance that someone could put somewhere or send the kexts that have to be replaced? Would be great if I could ommit the step with kext extraction... Any chance?
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