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  1. Hey guys! I recently got a new laptop (e6320) and i now have lion installed. everything is working GREAT! except for a few things...... i can't get sleep to work, wifi (need new card recommendations???) and speedstep. i am running at full clock and it is running really hot..... what can i do to solve this....i have the voodoopstate installed in the lion extra folder but pstatemenu tells me that voodoopstate is not loaded...please help with these few issues Thanks!!
  2. Ok so the update went great....but...I ran 1.9.2 and now I'm getting panics! I still have my backup hard drive that I can now boot with....if I use command boot single user It boots fine....I did a new build with 1.9.2 ....what was changed so I can put old stuff back
  3. hey guys i wanted to know if you cold help me.... first ill tell you my problem... i am still running my D630 on SL 10.6.7. using superDuper i have created a complete image of my harddrive onto an external what i was going to attempt was boot off the external HD and try to run all updates for SL but... when i try to boot off external HD (using Chameleon 2.1 r1684) the pc freezes....i don't even see the apple boot screen chameleon locks instantly. is there a way to be able to boot from an external HD... also.... if there is i also wanted to see if i could boot lion from it as well when i am finished tinkering around with SL. do i NEED to do a fresh install to do this or is there a way to update from SL?? thanks guys for all your help and all that you do!!
  4. Hey Leon, I had a question that has been buggin me since i setup osx....just never asked before.....if i leave my external harddrive plugged in and i close the lid and put my laptop to sleep when i open the laptop and bring it out of sleep i get an error that says i did not eject my hardrive properly...is this just an osx thng or is it a usb issue.....also, at the same time...(i have never had this problem before and also i usually always leave my externals plugged in my machine)..but i have burned 2 different TB externals, does this have something to do with the eject problem??
  5. GREAT WORK GUYS!!! question....i have a d630-Nvidia SL 10.6.7 EPD 1.8.......is this update 1.9.1 benificial for me?? can i update to 10.6.8 or should i just go with Lion....also if i do go Lion do i need to do a complete restore or can i just simply update? Also....Can i still use my docking station if i update?
  6. these temps are great as compared to the old way without coolbook or saying Y in 1.8 to keep PC cool were arond 60C-as high as 79/80C....would burn my legs up!! so for step one id say GREAT JOB GUYS! with 1.9 is it safe now to update to 10.6.8 or should i just stay where i am at untill D630 is ready for lion
  7. the speedstep is really bogging the computer down ...or so it seems....i never really had a temp problem so is there a way to simply delete it or do i need to do a new setup again....... i fixed my problem with sleep....what i did was since i am using the speedstep program offered in 1.9 i didnt say Y to the other option of keeping computer cool....forget what it was called i usually on 1.8 say yes but this time said no and she falls into a deep sleep now, ...just wondering if there was a way to configure the speedstep......i dont quite understand do i just install it and leave it go?? ... to be honest the only lag i see is with my dock...it used to flow very nice but now it is laggy and as larry said very twitchy..my fear is i will se same effect when using final cut or protools as i do a lot of audio and video editing.....so far its been flawless but i havent used it yet with the speedstep....temps around 47C-57C with new speedstep
  8. update.....i reloaded 1.8 and all went to normal...sleep works, keyboard and trackpad back inaction, wifi back, so i tried installing 1.9 and doing a new build.....i am back to no keyboard/trackpad, seems slower again, sleep doesnt work again......is it me? am i doing something wrong in 1.9, should i just stick with 1.8? i kinda wanted to have the speedstep working tho.........any help would be great.. also.... as for windows i am getting error 0xc00000e says i need to put my disk in and repair....any idea as to what happened?? if i go back to the old bootloader will that fix it or should i get my disk and try to repair....also if i do repair am i going to loose bootloader?
  9. Oh yea forgot one more problem pissing me off....when I close the lid it doesn't go to sleep anymore. Kill me now
  10. I have a d630 with nvida using SL 10.6.7....on package 1.8 everything ran perfectly. Wasn't hot or anything....only thing that didn't work was coolbook. Also was a dual boot with windows7 on the same hardrive.....I just installed 1.9 and I am having problem after problem after problem....the new speedstep program seems to slow me down. My trackpad and keyboard no longer are working. Doesn't see my wifi card anymore. It worked before. Also I tried to boot into windows and it is telling me i need to reinstall windows. What the hell happened??? I thought 1.9 was going to be king? I should have just left everything the way it was....ugh took me so long to get it all perfect. And now I'm back to punching and kicking myself .....help
  11. anyone update yet??? should i use multifail for update???
  12. When is 1.9 conning out please say soon!!!
  13. no one?? i would really like this to work perfectly..........will the new 1.9 update work for keeping everything cool????? hurry up with this relese
  14. no yea i got it to change i understand now how to do so, but lizard will only let me choose air 2,1 also with this configuration cookbook still wont work..... i feel like your aviator hahaha
  15. The drop down menu only gives me the option of macbook air 2.1 I changed it to this and got the sane message the. Changed it myself to 1,1 just deleted the number 2 and put 1 and that didn't work either. Then I added processor information and this didn't work either And more suggestion. I hope so
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