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  1. Hey guys, I have a Satellite L755-S5365 with what I believe to be the exact same specs as your system only with a core i5. I have changed my wifi card to a osx compatible one and I am going to try this DSDT on my fresh install of Lion 10.7.4...Im wondering if you know anything about the MBs in this Satellites? Would we have the same system only with a different processor?
  2. Hello! I am a IT student from Alberta, Canada. I have made two hackintosh's to this point, both for my Dad. One is his desktop tower using a Gigabyte EP45-UD3R and the other a HP ProBook. They both work flawlessly at this point and I am currently working on turning my Toshiba Satellite L755 Core i5 into a Hackintosh! I became interested in hackintoshing when I was younger as I wanted to try Mac OS X but was unable to afford an actual Apple product. I tried several times to get OSX on my old computer and it never worked. Recently I became interested in hackintoshing again after realizing my Dad had an extremely "friendly" motherboard. After quite a bit of hard work and research I was able to get it running beautifully on his dual monitor set up. He then decided he wanted a notebook so we decided to do the HP ProBook hackintosh build. As I mentioned I am currently and ITS student with a medium level in C++ programming (far from advanced...yet) as well as HTML and some database knowledge. I have built many computers so I am very competent in hardware troubleshooting.
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