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  1. I installed 10.6.7 with EDP 1.9 on D830 before ten days. Everything worked flawlessly until now. After I installed USB mobile broadband driver package (ZTE MF626T). I can not boot into the graphic UI anymore. I have endless spinning wheel on grey apple logo boot screen. If I boot with -v everything looks good but somehow system did not switch into the GUI. What can i do now? Any idea?? I can run into the single user mode. Should I try to locate some new ZTE*.kext on the system and delete them?? Thanks
  2. Where did you buy media bay? Which model?? Can you post product URL??
  3. EDP has answer for almost every problem. Unfortunately I discovered that sleep does not always work. Sometimes LCD screen stays in black (despite bios system passwd workaround). Sleep works mostly. After successful returning form sleep, ethernet card does not work anymore. It says - Not connected - Status: Cable Unplugged. Besides this minor problems I am very satisfied with EDP. I learned many system things about OS X, so I will definitely donate this project.
  4. Yes!!! @Bronxteck Thank you very much for the good idea. Your response was extremely fast. I changed BIOS option - Performace/Dynamic Acceleration to OFF, and after that Bus Speed increased to 800MHz as should be. Until now I have managed following thinks to work on D830 and OS X: nVidia graphics G84M [Quadro NVS 140M] 1920x1200 QE/CI - mirrored mode works Shutdown/Restart/Sleep Bluetooth Ethernet BCM5755M using /E/E/BCM5722D.kext FireWire 02 Micro Inc IE1394 Fingerprint reader works via ProtectorSuite TrackPad did not work well after Sleep. Installing VoodooPS2 problem solved also vertical & horizontal scroll now works Original Intel wireless card does not work for well known reasons. I will purchase other card on eBay (looking for DW1505) to solve this problem.
  5. Just successfully installed 10.6.7 on my old (2007) D830 nVidia, C2D 2.2GHz with 4GB RAM and BIOS A15. Almost all things work flawlessly (thanks to you guys and yours EDP 1.9) except system BUS speed @733MHz. I know about an issue with wrong BIOS data and Chameleon. How can I fix this? I still have not tested solution with AnVal (replacing boot file with....). BTW what exactly is AnVal? Is it compatible (vanilla) enough with rest of the system?
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