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  1. I'll try, I tried it in linux, also just saw b/g but from wiki that makes sense as it seems the current linux driver doesn't support the 5ghz portion.
  2. yea, already tried that, didnt seem to make a difference. just very weird that it did this on a reboot.
  3. The LCD on my D630 seems to behaving wonky. I rebooted and during the POST, I saw lines, I shutdown via power button and then when would boot, I'd see the backlight light up, but nothing else (though laptop seemed to work, lights blinked as expected). Leaving it alone for a day, and LCD seemed to come back to normal, but now its done the same thing again. any thoughts? I've heard of backlights dieing but that doesn't seem to be whats going on here.
  4. I bought a broadcom 4321 advertised on ebay as mac compatible. It works out of the box in the hackintosh, but only sees b/g. I booted into Linux and it also only sees b/g. Thoughts? a somehow hacked card that identifies as the 4321, but really isn't (but supported by same driver in just b/g mode? weird, but I guess possible).
  5. It appears my wired ethernet works fine when initially plugged in, but I seem to have issues if the laptop ever disconnects from the network (deffinitely if it goes to sleep, even with wired still plugged in), and I believe also if I physically disconnect it to move around. When I wake from sleep (or I believe try to reconnect it physically), it doesn't see that its connected and refuses to get an IP address. thoughts?
  6. No, it has nothing to do with permissions. rebuild.sh runs rm -Rf '/Extra/0EDP.kext/Content/Plugins/*' (this is visible if you set -x rebuild.sh) quotes prevent the * from expanding and causes the command to do nothing. I honestly have no idea how it works for you, except if you are running it in a different manner with a different shell. I sudo -s to root, cd /Extra and ./edptool.command
  7. I know you can change it, the point I was making was that on initial installation of EDP, a random one should be generated and stored and then further creations of smbios.plist would use that value.
  8. so I tried to set up icloud, it says account limit reached for this hardware. This is because we all (at least per model) have the same serial # in our smbios.plist. Any reason this can't be randomly generated (at least once?)
  9. EDP 2.2 comes with a 0EDP.kext directory with (I'm guessing) 19 kexts already in the PlugIns directory. rebuild.sh should be deleting them, but it isn't (unsure why). Basically this means, when one generates it, it will have a lot of bad kexts (and possibly contradictory) that are all loaded together. For example, I was wondering why SleepEnabler was being loaded when I booted, took me a while to realize it was in the 0EDP and how it was getting there (as it wasn't in /Extra/Extensions To fix this, I had to boot into my myHack installer usb and delete all its contents manually. If I tried to boot normally with this invalid 0EDP.kext it just hung at PCI stuff.
  10. that was it, disabled dynamic acceleration in bios, and now about this mac says 2.19ghz
  11. Does the dsdt impact the cpu speed osx sees? It seems that OSX is only seeing my T7500 D630 as a 2ghz laptop, not a 2.2ghz (even the speedstep addon, only goes to a 2ghz speed machine. Wondering if this is due to the dsdt that I'm using?
  12. it came with an Intel ABG (3945 I believe?). Ordered a supposed apple abgn via ebay (broadcomm). It was about $12-$13.
  13. and final update. Reformated EFI partition as HFS+. Reinstalled Chameleon via the pkg on EFI with all the optionable installable stuff (theme, libs...). Now, everything seems to work fine. Don't have wifi yet, but that's because the card I ordered hasn't arrived, but ethernet works fine. I guess now I wait for EDP 2.2 to update to 10.7.2
  14. as a further update, I've moved the Extra folder that worked on the 80GB HD to my myHack usb disk and it now has a working laptop keyboard/mouse. Unsure why it isn't working on the 750GB disk. Pondering if it's cause its formated ms dos, not hfs+. (And by it, I mean the EFI partition)
  15. So, I have 2 hard disks. 1 80GB. Lion works fine with edp (though edp seems to force it to be arch=i386?) 1 750GB. I had to play games with efi partition to get it boot (per other thread). I'm thinking the EFI partition is the reason I'm having issues. I tried copying over the chameleon boot plist file over to the EFI partition's /Extra directory. Chameleon sees it (as it impacts what happens on boot), but doesn't seem to make much of a difference in terms of hardware support. I'm thinking there is probably more files that have to be copied over to it (DSDT?) will play around more later.
  16. they seem to load fine, but they aren't being used. I have keyboard and usb mouse (albiet, Lion doesn't seem to know there's a keyboard so insists on trying to pair with bluetooth one), I see 3 PS2 kexts loaded (via kextstat), but only PS2Controller seems to be used (has a reference of 1), all the others seem to not be used (reference of 0), and they also load quietly (nothing in dmesg log). thoughts?
  17. devious, I tried your pack (at least I think I got the right link), and it seems to give me same results as edp 2.1, I have a keyboard that works, but no mouse at all (without a usb one plugged in). any thoughts?
  18. I have a d630/nvidia and I've tried every ps2 kext. Basically I see 2 behaviors. 1) keyboard works, but neither mouse (Trackpad/trackpoint) works. However, USB mouse works. 2) mouse moves (via trackpoint) But can't click, and screen doesn't even seem to even give tooltips, but keyboard doesn't. I've tried arch=i386, but that doesn't seem to help (albiet I haven't tried it against all combinations yet) any thoughts?
  19. Same here. I have a 1440x900 nvidia D630, works pretty well. I dont know enough about macintosh stuff, but wondering if it could be a DSDT issue (i.e. I'm not using the one included in the EDP, but the one I linked to above). I'd also note, if your keyboard works in the installer, it obviously "can" work. The idea then might be to try and copy the /Extra stuff from the installer.
  20. Yes, installing VoodooHDA after 10.6.8 update, seems to leave me with a working system and sound. However, It seems that 10.6.8 doesn't play nice with some of the power management options of EDP. I was using its support for sleeping and speedstep and would get regular hangs. Removing them, and just using the defaults and it seeming to work fine.
  21. Updated to 10.6.8 causes a KP in voodoo, guessing due to AppleHDA being reinstalled, will try to reinstall again later and only install Voodoo after I update and see what happens.
  22. Installed VoodooHDA manually (from the installable package from the google code site) and sound works, except, in the process it killed my mouse again, so had to run edp again (but deleted voodoohda and the applehdadisabler from it). thoughts why it didn't work in edp?
  23. I tried an installation without the dsdt I linked to above (i.e. just the one built into EDP 1.9.1) and it booted, but ended up with me looking at a black screen (machine seemed alive, but I didn't try to shut it down cleanly by pressing power button, then hitting enter). Once I replaced it with the dsdt above, it worked perfectly EXCEPT for the fact that I still don't have sound and have no idea why VoodooHDA isn't loading (kextstats doesn't show it).
  24. As a followup, can it be related to VoodooHDA being in /Extras/Extension and not in /S/L/E? Does this just apply to that extension? all? I've tried playing around a bit wth it, but haven't figured it out.
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