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  1. Hi, EMlyDinEsH. i find MBP8.1 with HD3000 has 16 steps, max is 0x400(1024) and min is 0, one step is 0x40(64). For me, my laptop is Dell N4110, also has HD3000 inside, i can see 16 steps from dsdt, the min is 0x6 and max is 0x64. What I Do: I correct the _BCL method code like Apple's, and install the driver from post 1, and edit the value in the info.plist. The result is: i lost the brightness control by press customize key from SystemPreFerence, it shows normal but nothings happens, also the actual level is the one i set in the info.plist. So, can you share the source code here, then i will try to set 16 steps in the code and something else. BTW, the Fn key(Fn+F4=DOWN, Fn+F5=UP) adjusts brightness isn't work, it seems that it only works will dell 's driver, i tried to use debug version voodoops2controll.kext, to obtain the scan code but no luck.
  2. I have the mouse lag too, but it should be related graphics drivers issue, cause i don't install any AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext and ApplePS2Controller.kext just use USB mouse&keyboard, it still exists. Can you share the two kexts of yours? Thanks a lot.
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