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  1. I am also confused as to how the bootpack is integrated into the process. More specific details would be appreciated. I had installed it by extracting it to the root of the HD volume after SL was installed. Is this approach incorrect?
  2. I am a noob to installing OSX onto a PC. I may or may not have executed this properly. I installed via the recommended method, arrived at SL desktop, copied the contents of the bootpack .zip file to the root of the HD, installed and ran EDP 2.2, and am using the recommended EDPtool settings. This is the second install I have performed. After the first, I had sound and now there is none. Also, the machine is seemingly running hot (the fan is constantly running) even while using the recommended cooling configuration. CPU temp app reports around 70 deg C. I am not using a custom BIOS. Questions: 1. Is the DSDT included in the EDP process? or should I be loading a DSDT file manually? Please help! 2. Did I perform the bootpack installation correctly by simply copying its contents to the root of my HD volume? -greenpeas
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