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  1. What shows up under audio in the syastem profiler?
  2. How is ur audio do you have static or delay?
  3. Macluscious in ur system profile under audio does it say no built in audio?
  4. thats kinda strange when i used Thunderbolts edp i always got he black screen. glad i gave Mariusz a shot cause i was going to give up on the project.
  5. Check out this spec sheet http://www.dell.com/downloads/ap/products/latit/LAT_D830_1007_RF.pdf there were 3 different displays shipped in the d830 im guessing i have the WUXGA UltraSharp display that allows that resolution.
  6. If ur using that image from wiki you have to show invisible files the extra folder is invisible. I was using that image an kept getting extra2 folder. I did get that image to work but I also made a retail image from a desktop that I did. I just wanted to do it fresh.
  7. Are you using that sld 430 image or a retail image.
  8. This how I did it. 1. Restored a OSX 10.6 dvd.dmg on to the USB Pen 2. Installed Chameleon v2.0-RC5 r700 on the USB Pen 3. Moved to trash the Boot file on the root of pen and copied the boot file from AnVAL 4. Copied the contents from the extra folder in this pack from Here and the dsdt.aml for d830 x3100 into the extra folder on the usbpen 5. Inserted pen turned on machine checked my bios settings sata is set to achi not ata let the pen boot no commands were used at all and it boot the Install app in 1920 resolution there is no track pad at this point use usb mouse. 6.After install I choose to start the SL partition with the boot loadr from the pen. still no trackpad support. 7.completed the information stuff then installed chameleon v2.0-RC5 r700 after install moved to trash the boot file on the root and replaced with the one from AnVAL. 8.copied the contents of the extra folder on the usb pen into the extra folder on the root of SL. 9. Dont know if it made a difference or not but ran the rebuild.command in the extra folder. 10. Ran the 10.6.6 combo update and restarted without pen still no commands were used for booting. 11. Used Kext helper to install VoodooHDA.kext for audio and repaired permissions. 12. Restarted and that was it.
  9. Finally got it working Did a new install with that package and aval boot gave no commands just let the pen boot by its self and the installer was in that resolution also. Did not do any sleep tricks or anything everything works the only thing i want is scrolling trackpad i have tried voodoo but it is either crazy when i boot or goes crazy when it wakes. So if anyone has a scrolling package that works well please post.
  10. 1.The pack and dsdt from this page https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/88-dsdt-for-d630d530-with-intel-x3100/ 2. AnVAL 3. 10.6.6
  11. I was asking about the remote desktop so u guys could interact live with this machine. But here is the extra folder and more pics Extra.zip
  12. Ok i have been plugging away at this machine and i need some help. First off if i boot normal from hard drive i get a grey screen then a blue screen and that is it. So i reboot with -x -v and the when it boots what do my sleep deprived eyes see, it is the most amazing colorful and sharpest display i have ever seen except when i'm in windows 7 on this machine. I go into system preferences then displays, it is displaying in 1920x1200 with options for other resolutions. Now here are my questions. Can u guys help me figure out what is not letting this machine boot normal? Can u figure out from what is installed and running on this machine how this could be replicated for a fresh install? I really believe i have stumble on to something that u guys will be able to help with and be used to help other people. I have been at this for quite sometime now and this is best things i have come across. Also if you guys tell me to send you files and folders just let me know what u need. I asked this question in a previous post but is there some type of remote desktop for osx?
  13. Ok i forgot to bring my Win7 dvd with me this morning but i will be checking thread frequently throughout the day. Now is there a way for someone to connect remotely to check out the system configuration?
  14. I have tried a few different installs but still no success. I still keep ketting a black screen after it boots i have tried joes edp. made new install pens using a install dvd and the sld430 image but when i do that i cannot get display either for the installs i have tried -v -x and still get black screen when it boots the install disk it is booted fully but the display is black. Right now as i type i am using it but the only install i was able to get to work was using Nawcom mod cd and a osx install dvd and not selecting graphics enable. It has 10.6.6 running but when copy they contents of Joe's edp and delete the ioatafamily kext ,run the edptool, repair permissions then restart it boots fully but still get a black screen. Is the any other options or information I could provide to help me out. I will be installing Windows 7 on another partition so if there is any tools i need to download to get more info on the system what would they be. I does boot without usb right now like i said i am using it now to submit this post.
  15. Tried the sleep from wiki, the display still says on even with the lid closed. Also when i wake system sometimes there is no trackpad support or very erratic. What r my other options for trackpad support?
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