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  1. oh that would be great. So your USB doesnt boot at all? Or did you manage to install it and the OS wont boot?
  2. If you're talking to me, no I dont have that one. But it should boot atleast, shouldnt it?
  3. Hey guys. I just worte a wall of text, and it got deleted, because I hit the back button accidently I'll keep it short this time: My USB with Lion on it, wont boot. I got A08 bios and USB wont show in bootmenu (F12). When I set first boot to USB in bios it wont work either. When I try it on a friends computer, it boots. What am I doing wrong? can someone help me please? Thanks in advance edit: I posted this in a thread in this section. Any mod feel free to delete it, I will paste the link when Im on my PC again. rhyker here; done!
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