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  1. Since I've posted that, I went ahead and bought the Apple Atheros AR9380. Works seamlessly and is FAST. I also get crazy range with it... like 500+ feet from the access point.
  2. I've got everything up and running beautifully but I need to buy a new WiFi card to really finish it. My E6220 shipped with an Intel 6205 dual-band WiFi card that is completely non-functional under OSX. From looking around I've seen many different cards that will work, but I was wondering what would you guys recommend? Here's some I've looked at: Apple Atheros AR9380 Dell Wireless 1510 Broadcom BCM4321 Atheros AR9280 and some other odd cards. Which one would provide the fewest headaches? If it's the Apple card, and I can get drivers for it for Windows 7 X64, I'll get that one then.
  3. To anyone that's installed Lion on their E6220... are you using UEFI mode or Legacy mode? I'm using UEFI mode with Windows right now so my partition table is GPT, not MBR. Are there any problems with installing this on GPT/UEFI?
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