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  1. @Bronxteck, I just installed latest lin2mac RTL81XX kext. I'll update this post with result. BTW, can you help me to understand the log? I understood nothing but you could find the reason of the issue Is there any tutorial/documentation to learn that?
  2. I've successfully installed 10.8.5 in my HP 630, audio, video, wifi, battery, all cpus worked fine using some kexts. The things I used are here. Everything was running smoothly. I yesterday installed Mavericks, and here, everything is working fine. The only issue I'm facing is - randomly system freezing, I cannot do anything without turning of the laptop. Console log is attached here. Please help me to sort out the issue. Thanks
  3. Current status of my Hackintosh I can boot using -f cpus=1. Internal Audio isn't working, brightness control isn't working. Without cpus=1 I'm being seen a message System uptime in nanoseconds: I need your help to solve the issue. Thanks in advanced. EDIT 1: I could able to solve kernek panic (cpus=1) using this. EDIT 2: Sound issue fixed with new extension from here. Now only issue is Wi-Fi. It's trying but cannot find any Wi-Fi network though there is two in my home. EDIT 3: Wifi issue is fixed using this kext. All solved! Felling Great
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