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  1. I recently bought a D620 off CL for 30 bucks, the owner claimed the CPU is fried after he OCed it, I thought it's probably the mobo that fried, but I gave it a go anyways. And I was right, the mobo was fried, I swap my T2600 from my own D620 over, and it's still full back screen. so it's definitely the mobo. I manage to salvage this much so far. 1) 80GB Toshiba SATA, threw it in my spare external enclosure. 2) 2 Batteries, it came with regular + extended, i tested it out, they're good for 2 and 3+ hours. 3) wifi card, not sure what I can do with it since I have 2 other spare intel one from my replacement lol. 4) DVDRW drive, I found that it had one, pretty nice since all I got is DVD CDRW combo drive. slap it in my D620 right away haha. 5) T5600, i use it to upgrade my D620 6) The screen, my old D620 had some botchy spots, this one is clean, and it's also 1400 X 900, so it's nice. 7) 2GB ram stick, i was surprise to find that it had a 2GB stick configuration, that's worth 15 bucks lol, I already have 4GB on my D620 so it's useless, but we'll see. 8) The power brick, I needed one since I've been using 1 for both of my notebook. This is what I think is left. 1) blue tooth, it had the card, not sure if hackintosh will work with it? 2) Heat sink, this sink was use for the Nvidia base D620, so it has the extra leg for the GPU, you think it'll work on my intel D620? mine doesn't have one for the GPU 3) Anything else? keyboard I don't need... haha, just trying to salvage w/e I can get before I throw it away... I really enjoy using these D620/D630 notebook, they're easy to work with and cheap.
  2. I use myhack 2.1 and it work, same spec as yours but I have the lower resolution screen. 3.1 never worked for me installing SL.
  3. that does the trick . thanks. I'm just not comfortable when it's not reporting the right number, other than that it works great . Now it's reporting the right number haha. thanks again.
  4. I use EDP to install the speed step emulator, but my computer is a T7250 and it runs at 2ghz, but the emulator shows up at 1.88ghz max, this is on a D630 BTW, is there a way to have it working correctly?
  5. i found the kext but it wasn't in the right place, i put it in E/E and now it works , thanks... for some reason it didn't work on my 1st install using kextwizard, but I retried and it worked... weird.
  6. I used the D430 Image to install my SL on my D620, but my DVD drive doesn't work (everything else work). I'm thinking because the D430 doesn't have a DVD drive and that's why it's not regconize? any kext i can put in to get my DVD drive to work? thanks.
  7. I was never good at installing hackintosh, but I'm good at installing window So... on theory none of your device is able to boot because it went straight to your HDD.. and someone stated above, check your disc, or your USB, is it bootable? that's all there is to it. the USB for sure has to be bootable but creating a bootable USB is part of it, so it's probably easier to get some sort of external DVD drive and boot from there.
  8. i tried almost everything I think lol. and nothing really worked. what's really pissing me off is that I have it working on my D620, using the same settings on the D630 doesn't work... I'll just use the D620 for mac exclusively now.
  9. so i followed the guide on here to enable sleep. but when it go to sleep, it'll wake up, i put in my password, and it just restart my computer instead of waking up like normal. any ideas?
  10. 1) the CPU... most D620 are supply with the older Core Duo, and not the Core 2 Duo... so watch out for that, Core 2 Duo is slightly better, you can upgrade later down the road, but considering the prices of the CPU, i don't think that's a smart option, just get a used notebook with good CPU. 2) Ram, 4GB of DDR2 is around 32-35 bucks (that's how much I paid just last week)... so that's up to you... 3) screen. the D620 is equip with the older dimmer screen than the D630... but it does come with low/high resolution version, i suggest the high resolution version. the low res version is just too cramppy. Other than that, with the difference in the graphic, most of these guys are similar in most other specs.
  11. I don't know if the EDP have kext for broadcom wifi, I disable wifi when I do install just so I don't get kennel panic. but it's up to you. I actually tried both the charmelion bundle and the stand alone version... both seems to work. That's indicate by me booting up and it shows the chameleon screen. that's all it really is, a fake boot that imitate a mac. so to start, maybe you should disable everything in the notebook and do the install that way, see if it works.
  12. if the D820 is similar to the D620, then make the bootable USB using the D430USB.ISO image file... and that should get most things to work, after u get in, just install EDP 1.9.2 if you're on SL and if you're on Lion then use the 2.2 EDP.... not sure which wifi you have, but if you have the regular wifi that works with mac, then u need the kext for it. that's pretty much it. I'm almost certain the D620/820 series are pretty easy going with the installation.
  13. I used EDP 1.9.2 and everything is fine, sleep doesn't work, but everything else work.
  14. I think the main problem I have is that the D620 screen isn't as nice as the D630, it's not as bright/vivid. the other problem is that because I bought my D620 for only 40 bucks, the screen has 2-3 spots that's not so perfect (can't see while the screen is on, but it's still kindda annoying lol). But if I ever need one, i just pick up another D630 with high res screen, I picked up my D630 for 135 with charger + battery (good shape). So I think i might be able to pick up something similar for around 150ish if I need to. I actually like these units, pretty easy to work with and relatively quick).
  15. So after all the trouble I've had, and all the help I received on here, I manage to put SL on both my D630 and D620, and I just want to share back on how I did it. D620: Intel Graphic Very straight forward. I used the D430USB image that someone hosted on torrent. Then use my window 7 notebook to write the image onto a 16GB USB drive using dd as the guide described (it's harder than it sounds, and it took some figuring out). Before you put the USB into the D620, make sure wireless is disable, and NIC is also disable blah blah, disable everything that you don't need. There's no SATA option here, so it's just the default. If you've done it right, it should boot up... run the setup for OSX SL. after it's done, boot from the USB drive again, but this time boot the HDD up. Use EDP 1.9.2 install all the stuff and you're good to go. D630: Intel graphic. Will need a mac for this method to work. very similar, but this one was brain wrecking for me because of the wrong extra folder I downloaded... but now it should work, grab the boot file on Osxlatitude for intel D630, inject that into the D430USB pendrive... simply replace the extra folder... do note that pen drive you will need a SL or some sort of mac OS to access and inject the files in. Keyboard/mouse will not work during installation, you'll need USB keyboard/mouse. and the rest is similar to the D620. To get wifi to work... I ordered a wifi card on ebay, it's call the DW1395, costs about 2.50 USD shipped for me (I ordered 2 so it's 5 bucks total)... at any rate, use kext wizard and inject Broadcom43XXFamily.kext. enable wifi in your bios, and now you'll have internet. My overview of the 2 computers I have. the D630 in most ways are better than the D620, the installation is a little bit trickier depending on your luck, but the screen is better, the CPU is better, the temp management is better, more bios options, basically a better unit over all. My D620 screen is higher resolution, so that's the bonus on it, but for the most part I enjoy using the D630 more. so to sum it up, if you have to get 1, get the D630, it's worth the extra 10-20 bucks (they're about the same price on ebay)... I actually prefer the intel graphic VS the Nvidia one due to the lower heat output. get one with the higher resolution and it should make a very nice notebook. bad part is that you'll most likely have to purchase more ram like I did, about 35 bucks for 4gb of ram.
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