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  1. you can manually change it permanently by setting a value in plist, so do not worry, anyway. Rehabman will only publish only main branch binary, which would not include ALPS, unless he merge my code into the main branch. The later is hard to happen, anyway, since the code I have is not so good, and also require him to do a lot of work. There would be no new kext, since that's everything I have for now. Unless some good soul donate me a laptop with v5 ALPS touchpad, lol
  2. Sorry, look like I have a misunderstanding using the git tools. I'm a mechanics, not an IT guy. Now things was pushed correctly to Bitbucket. I hate the hassle of creating lots and lots of account here and there. Anyway, I'll grab an Github account later.
  3. I have no idea, everything seems to be in place. Therefore something is wrong within my code, yet I don't know. I'm sorry.
  4. To verify Clover not injecting cache, you should open Clover Configurator -> tab 'System Parameters', make sure that 'Inject Kext' is set to the blank selection. I really sorry, but the kext you prvovided is almost useless to me, because the most important thing is there is no source code associated with that, and without that, I cannot do anything. Only install my kext, and remove all other PS2-related. Open Terminal, type 'kextstat' without quotes and post the result here. I suspect that there is some conflicts around... Well, by the way, I must stress this, I DO NOT HAVE THE DEVICE SAME AS YOURS. So you should expect that everything I have here is my best effort and if it does not work, well, you must wait until someone who really have the device and really willing to work with that.
  5. The kext is loaded, but I have no idea why it does not work as expected. It is also really hard to understand why it works with someone while not with the other. Maybe just simply fully remove it + reinstall + fix permission can make it works. Verify that Clover does not inject kext. Boot with cache and without cache. Perform EC reset (pull out battery and AC, press button on for ~30 sec to discharge all capacitor on motherboard.
  6. @cjin: Bad news: yours is a new model so there is no support even from the Linux kernel. So, the only thing you can do is wait and hope for the best.
  7. @Leo: it is called 'inertia scroll'. It may sound nice, but I would not implement it, at least for now. Since it would break the stability of the kext, unless I have time to investigate more on it, there would never be any new features, only bug fixes. About the cursor moving automatically, does it happen on both of yours computer? @cjin5: Please uninstall *everything* related to PS2, then *only* install my kext, post the IOreg. Then, open the terminal, type 'sudo dmesg > ~/Desktop/dmesg.log' (without the quote). On your desktop there will be a file named dmesg.log. Post it here, too
  8. I know since I change it a little bit. The scrolling by 2 fingers and side scrolling is governed by only one variable in the original kext, so I decide to split it out. You can enable it by having 'TrackpadVertScroll' boolean key set to 'True' in your plist.
  9. If none of them works, all you have to do is to provide us the information in the posts above. Without that, I cannot know whatever is happen. A statement like 'it does not work' doesn't help.
  10. The real Macs have never used PS2 protocol and connection. But our keyboard use PS2. So, for short, our keyboard driver is a translation between PS2 protocol and 'Apple' protocol. Nevertheless, the translation can never be perfect. And there can be some quirks. So, if you need to do it permanently, just open the plist file and learn how to remap the key. I believe that is much easier.
  11. Try 'kextstat | grep rehabman' and see if 'org.rehabman.voodoo.driver.PS2Trackpad' is present. If you cannot find that, the kext is just simply not loaded. If yes, you can try 'cat /var/log/system.log | grep ALPS'. There should be a line like my post above, and please post it here.
  12. @ahmad: ok. I push my change every week. Let's wait and see... About the v5 or v6, I'm pretty much sure. The naming scheme is not consistent even across the Linux kernel. If people see their touchpad a 'little bit different' from the other, they assign a new number version for it. In the mainstream Linux kernel, yours is a v5. But in some very old commit, yours is a v6, hence there is a confusion @cjin5: Open Terminal, type 'sudo dmesg | grep ALPS' (without the quote), you would see some lines. There should be a line look like this: 3/1/14 5:42:28.000 AM kernel[0]: ApplePS2ALPSGlidePoint::identify: Found ALPS Device with ID E7=0x73 0x03 0x0a, EC=0x88 0x08 0x1d This is on my computer, post yours here.
  13. Ha, don't worry. It is just because I have ran out of guess. Just install the debug version, and cut part from the log file where that jump happens (remember the time, use your trackpad sparingly, like one swipe every 10 sec and use USB keyboard), and maybe I can find a solution then. The more instances of bug you can generate that way, the easier I can fix it.
  14. I see, but then again, the change you have pointed only affect a v6 trackpad, again yours is v5. Ok, now I make a quick fix, try and report, ignore the kext on the previous post, please. RehabMan-Voodoo-2014-0228-update.zip
  15. Hmm, I can increase the z_finger for you, but the two changes you point out over there is almost irrelevant. The first line belong to v1 and v2 trackpad, while the second change only affects trackstick on selected v3 model. Because you have a v5 (sharing the same logic with v3), but do not have a trackstick, those changes is pretty much pointless. Please wait for a while I recompile for a new value z. In fact I don't understand much about 'stability' as you require, can you describe it more precisely? Like, when you are not moving your finger but the cursor move itself? The movement of the cursor is jitter? Or what else?
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