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  1. I'm having a problem with physical right-click button & three / two fingers tap which should be generating a right click action, but it's generating a normal click instead. thanks with your response, will try with the newest driver as fast as I can, as I'm still busy IRL
  2. will try this again with v3.7, and v3HWLegacyMode set to YES, and I'll report back -- edit seems that the problem still persists. Anyway, I'm doing a little test with v3.7 driver and v2.8 driver using KeyRemap4Macbook's EventViewer. Here's the output : Might be a bit of a help
  3. hi, I'm running on v 3.5 and have a V3 Elan Touchpad. My laptop is Asus A43SJ. I've got a problem with the v3.5 driver, as my right click button and three-tap click are no longer working. by using KeyRemap4Macbook's Event Viewer, seems that pressing right click button on touchpad sends Control_L + Click.. not the proper right click one. anyway, the touchpad works perfectly when I'm using v2.8.3 thanks for the great work
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