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  1. Hi First of all i want to thank you for this kext!!!!! My pc works only with v3.8.5 and v4 now i installed the v4 i noticed that if i drag two fingers from the top the window that is in focus getting in full screen... I don't believe that it is a bug but a pre-installed feuture...if it is can you guide me how to uncheck it? One more thing that am not sure if it's happening from this driver i sometimes have some or a lot squares or rectangulars boxes randomly in the screen and inside them they are blue with a lot of moving dots...If you are familiar with this i really want your help!!! Again nice work!!!
  2. Hi...i have elan touchpad but neither voodoo or this driver works for me...when i install this in system pref i see that my touchpad has been recognized but not responding and my keyboard too...any help will be appriciated PS i did installed it correct! (removed any other ps2 kexts, repair permisions, rebuild cahe)
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